Fusion Recap – Jan. 11, 2019


“Filthy” Tom Lawlor set a trap for Sami Callihan on this week’s episode of MLW FUSION. While Callihan is looking to cash in from Salina de la Renta, World Champion Low Ki and Promociones Dorado by taking out Lawlor, Low Ki picked up a victory over Team Filthy’s Fred Yehi.

In addition, the rivalry between Brian Pillman Jr. and Tommy Dreamer ratcheted up a notch in a Singapore Cane match. While Dreamer had the clear experience advantage, especially with the Singapore Cane, Pillman managed to take the victory. In our opening bout, Dragon Lee picked up a big middleweight victory over Rich Swann.

“Filthy” Tom Foils Sami, Salina
Tonight’s show opened with our cameras following “Filthy” Tom Lawlor as he listened outside Promociones Dorado’s dressing room. It seemed as though Salina de la Renta was imploring Sami Callihan to take out Lawlor, who is scheduled to face Low Ki for the World Heavyweight Championship next month at MLW SuperFIght.

Lawlor set and baited a trap for Callihan. Having heard Callihan (who was carrying a hammer) was looking for him, Lawlor planted information with a backstage worker for Callihan. Sure enough, Callihan took the bait and went looking for “Filthy” Tom. When Callihan entered the room where Lawlor was supposed to be stretching, there was a brief commotion.

Lawlor was then seen leaving the room licking what looked to be blood off that hammer Callihan was carrying around all night.

World Championship Match
Low Ki defeated Fred Yehi

Team Filthy’s Fred Yehi challenged Low Ki to a championship match last week and the match was quickly put together. Yehi had some solid early offense, scoring with a  big low dropkick after doing damage to Low Ki’s foot.

But the champion is too good at attacking openings, even small ones. As Yehi tried to pull Low Ki down off the turnbuckle, Low Ki saw that opening. A huge overhead strike put Yehi down on his knees in the corner. Low Ki, who was already atop the turnbuckle, quickly came down on Yehi’s back with a double stomp to pick up the pinfall.

Singapore Cane Match
Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Tommy Dreamer

Brian Pillman Jr. had some odd ring attire for his Singapore Cane match with Tommy Dreamer. Pillman came to the ring with a coat of some sort over what looked to be a sweater. It was later determined this was strategy, as Pillman had two more layers on below those.

He was trying to counteract the pain and damage of the sure-to-land blows by Tommy Dreamer with the Singapore Cane. It didn’t take Dreamer long to foil Pillman’s plan and stripped him down to the bare skin.

Dreamer got a few shots on Pillman with the cane. But Pillman is wily beyond his years. The MLW Rookie of the Year found the one of the canes laying between Dreamer’s legs. Without hesitation, Pillman crotched Dreamer with the cane, then set him up for Dire Promise, the cross-armed swinging neckbreaker. Between Pillman’s favorite finishing maneuver and the pain from the crotch shot, Dreamer could not kick out and Pillman took out another legend.


Dragon Lee defeated Rich Swann
An aggressive Rich Swann took on Dragon Lee in an important middleweight bout to open the show. The two were obviously an even match in the early going. The two apparently even think alike, throwing dropkicks and then flipping to kip up at the same time. Neither man could keep the upper hand long. Lee hit an amazing reverse rana, but Swann hopped up and landed a massive spin kick

Swann eventually grabbed the momentum and thought he had the match in hand. He went to the top rope for his spinning 450 he calls the Phoenix Splash. But Dragon Lee was nowhere to be found. As Swann tried to recover from missing the high-risk maneuver, Lee scooped him up and scored the pinfall with a Dragon Driver.

MLW SuperFight Control Center
We already knew about the World Heavyweight Championship match between Lawlor and Low Ki. It was also previously announced that a World Tag Team Championship match between the Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix) and the Hart Foundation (a yet-to-be-determined pair to be chosen from Teddy Hart, Pillman and Davey Boy Smith Jr.) was on tap for Philadelphia.

But two more matches and a two huge debuts were announced on tonight’s SuperFight Control Center.

Simon Gotch will get a requested rematch with Ace Romero. Acey Baby defeated Gotch and took $20,000 off him in a Simon Gotch Prize Fight Challenge recently and Gotch is looking for revenge. In addition, Rey Horus returns to MLW and he will face off with the debuting Aerostar. Finally, while we don’t know who he’ll be facing, the Southern Psycho Mance Warner will make his first appearance in an MLW ring. The Bucksnort, Tenn. native touts his love for lariats and light beers and will be at 2300 Arena in Philadelphia on Feb. 2.

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