MLW Fusion Recap – Jan. 25, 2019

After failing to take out “Filthy” Tom Lawlor last week, Sami Callihan received his punishment from Promociones Dorado, Salina de la Renta and LA Park this week. In a Falls Count Anywhere Match that even went down the Miami sidewalks, LA Park secured the victory in a brutal contest.

In addition, we may have seen the world’s largest tag team formed. Kotto Brazil returned triumphantly from his eye injury, but was then once again attacked by Promociones Dorado’s Sicario Ricky Martinez.

With just more than a week until MLW FUSION LIVE presented by GoDaddy and MLW SuperFight, things were definitely heating up in the League this week.

Falls Count Anywhere
LA Park defeated Sami Callihan
This week’s show started with a video montage of all of Sami Callihan’s dastardly deeds while serving as a mercenary for Promociones Dorado. But that package ended with last week’s failure to take out Lawlor. As payback, de la Renta arranged for Callihan to face the sinister skeleton, the legendary LA Park.

Callihan brought a trash can and other various weapons to the ring. While LA Park brought – what else? – a chair. Early on, it looked as though that trash can was a bad idea. As Callihan took a vicious shot with the lid of that metal trash can.

But he quickly turned the tables, blasting LA Park with the rest of the metal trash can in mid-air, as the luchadore attempted a suicide dive.

Eventually, the trash can came back into play. LA Park set up Callihan for a suplex onto a turned over guard rail and the trash can. That maneuver significantly weakened Callihan. When action returned to the ring, the Chairman eventually lived up to his name. After Callihan set up numerous chairs in an attempt to suplex LA Park onto them, Park turned the tables. He hit a spear on Callihan sending him into the mass of chairs to secure the victory and exact revenge for Callihan’s failure in taking out Lawlor.

Low Ki Addresses “Filthy” Tom Lawlor
The World Heavyweight Champion, who has had Callihan chasing Lawlor all over the country, derisively “congratulated” Lawlor for successfully making it to MLW SuperFight.

“You’ve had an arduous road,” Low Ki said. “Surviving 39 other men in Battle Riot, becoming No. 1 contender and even overcoming my associates. You’re going to arrive in Philadelphia and walk into the 2300 Arena and you’re going to put your reputation for being filthy on the line against mine. I know, sometimes my reputation precedes me. Some people say I’m too serious … I take things too far. Maybe in 2300 Arena, maybe I should take things too … well, an extreme.”

Kotto Brazil defeated Vandal Ortagun
A few weeks ago, Ricky Martinez attacked Kotto Brazil with a bottle at a Miami night club. Tonight, after weeks of recovery, Brazil was back in the ring. He drew the ever-tough Vandal Ortagun for his welcome back to MLW. Ortagun was game and took advantage of Brazil’s injury. But in the end, Brazil’s running sliced bread finishing maneuver spelled the end for Ortagun.

But any celebration Brazil had in mind was short-lived. Martinez snuck in through the audience, blind-siding and laying waste to Brazil.

The score is definitely not settled between Brazil and the Sicario of Promociones Dorado. These two will hook up in a grudge match at MLW SuperFight Feb. 2 in Philadelphia.

Barrington Hughes vs. Ace Romero Became Hughes & Romero defeating The Dirty Blondes
There were reinforcements brought in for the MLW ring as nearly 900 pounds of super-heavyweight wrestler squared off. It was a stale-mate in the early minutes of the match, when all of a sudden Col. Parker appeared with a microphone in hand.

As Parker berated both Hughes and Romero over their size, The Dirty Blondes hit the ring and proceeded to attack the super heavyweights. Soon enough, the referee and MLW officials made it a match.

If The Dirty Blondes were looking to regain some of their lost luster after a few losses in recent weeks, they picked the wrong duo to do it against. After withstanding the initial attack of the Stud Stable men, Hughes and Romero lifted both Leo Brien and Michael Patrick up, ran them into one another, slammed them to the mat and the official counted a double pin. Have we seen the forming of a new tag team in MLW?

Tommy Dreamer Still Wants a Piece of Brian Pillman Jr.
Tommy Dreamer lost a Singapore Cane match to Brian Pillman Jr. two weeks ago in their ongoing battle over respect. Pillman has been gloating, stating he wants another match with Dreamer “anywhere in the world, even his hometown.”

By the end of the show, we learned that this war will rage into the coming weeks. Next week’s main event on MLW FUSION will be an Empty Arena match, where nobody will be able to interfere. In addition, Pillman and Dreamer have been signed for a Mystery Tag Team Partner matchup at MLW SuperFight in Dreamer’s hometown 2300 Arena in Philadelphia.

“I won’t have to look very far. I’ve got an arena full of my family members who are willing to do anything for me,” Dreamer said. “Brian Pillman, I don’t care who you get. You will lose in my house. Don’t ever disrespect me again.”

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