Fusion Recap – Feb. 8, 2019


The biggest news to come out of MLW FUSION this week was HUGE! The most-talked-about free agents in the world of professional wrestling are going to continue competing in Major League Wrestling.

Lucha Bros Announce They Will Continue Competing in MLW
Social media and professional wrestling media has been abuzz for weeks about the Lucha Bros and where they will end up next. The most-sought-after free agents in the world made it official on Friday night’s episode of MLW FUSION … they are going to remain a part of the MLW roster.

Konnan joined Penta and Fenix from Las Veags, live via satellite on tonight’s episode and straight up asked the former World Tag Team Champions what they were going to do.

“This is simple … the Lucha Brothers are here to take all the world,” Fenix said. “We will wrestle in Japan. We will wrestle in England. We will wrestle in Brazil, Mexico, the United States … all the world. Because we are the best tag team on the planet.”

At that point, Pentagon took over to make a statement. Speaking in Spanish (translated on the screen and here), he said: “We wrestle wherever we want. When we want. We don’t care who it is. We’ll be in Chicago. We’ll be waiting in our house, MLW, for any tag team.”

Now, the question is … who will they face at Intimidation Games? Will the Lucha Bros get a rematch with the Hart Foundation for the World Tag Team Championship? Will League officials bring in another top tag team?

We know where the Lucha Bros will be on March 2. Now, we wait to see who they will face!

Mystery Tag Team Partner Match
Brian Pillman Jr. & Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Tommy Dreamer & Sandman

For months now, Brian Pillman Jr. has been disrespecting veterans in professional wrestling. For months, Tommy Dreamer has been trying to teach the MLW Rookie of the Year some respect. On this week’s MLW FUSION, after numerous battles, it looks like the war has ended. And it looks like Pillman has won.

In a match where each man’s tag team partner was not announced until right before the match, Pillman and Hart Foundation mate Davey Boy Smith overcame Dreamer and his mystery partner, Sandman. The legendary Sandman got plenty of shots in on Pillman. There was even a surprise appearance by The Blue Meanie, who had been hiding under the ring for who-knows-how-long.

While the appearance of Sandman and the Meanie may have taken the Hart Foundation off their game early, the power of Smith and the ruthlessness of Pillman spelled the end for Dreamer. Pillman cracked Dreamer over the skull with a Singapore Cane, allowing Smith to powerbomb him through a pair of steel chairs to pick up the pinfall.

“Filthy” Tom Still Celebrating?
As we went off the air, our cameras caught up with the new World Heavyweight Champion, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor exiting what looked to be a gentleman’s club. Lawlor said he had been out all night, celebrating with “his baby” as he held the World Heavyweight Championship belt. How long will Lawlor’s celebration last? And who will be his first challenger? Stay tuned …

Gringo Loco defeated Puma King
In a lucha libre battle, Gringo Loco picked up a victory over Puma King with a massive Spanish Fly off the top rope.

Gringo Loco has quickly become a fan favorite in MLW and he picked up an important victory as he continues to work to impress League officials.

DJZ defeated Myron Reed
The MLW Middleweight Division is on fire right now. And “Hot Fire” Myron Reed is looking to make a name for himself and possibly climb the ladder toward a shot at World Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart.

DJZ had the early advantage on the outside of the ring. But Reed is quickly becoming a master of the cutter. He nailed two in succession on DJZ early in the match to get the momentum back. With both men knowing League officials are watching intently to see who rises in the ranking of the division, both weren’t above a little bending of the rules.

DJZ used a handful of tights in a rollup attempt, but Reed was able to roll through. Reed’s own handful of tights proved to be the difference and he scored the pinfall to pick up a hard-fought victory.

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