Intimidation Games Recap

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor retained the World Heavyweight Championship live on beINSPORTS Saturday night, as Major League Wrestling held Intimidation Games at the sold-out Cicero Stadium in Chicago. The live broadcast also featured the Lucha Bros — Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix — defeating Laredo Kid and Taurus from AAA.

World Heavyweight Championship – Steel Cage Match
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor defeated Low Ki

Just one month after “Filthy” Tom Lawlor defeated Low Ki for the World Heavyweight Championship live on beINSPORTS, Lawlor and Low Ki were back on a live network special in the main event once again. This time, Lawlor’s World Championship would be defended in a steel cage.

Low Ki was extremely aggressive from the beginning, attacking Lawlor before the bell. He also used Salina de la Renta’s shoe, as she handed it to him inside the cage.

But Lawlor was able to turn the tide the next time de la Renta attempted to hand something to Low Ki. A roll of coins found its way into Low Ki’s hands from Salina. But Lawlor was able to grab it from him and lay him out with it.

Lawlor then looked to escape the cage and retain the title. But Low Ki caught up to him. Both men climbed the cage and battled on the top of the cage and on the outside of the cage, before Lawlor was able to get free of Low Ki and the cage long enough to drop to the floor seconds before his opponent.

Lawlor Attacked by Gotch, Fatu, Salaem

As Lawlor celebrated his victory, Lawlor’s former Team Filthy mate and best friend Simon Gotch, Jacob Fatu and Josef Salaem viciously attacked the champion outside the ring.

Eventually, Lawlor was dragged back into the cage and laid out. From there, Fatu climbed to the top of the cage and landed a humongous Samoan splash. Gotch and his goons left Lawlor laying in the middle of the ring. He was helped to the back by EMTs.

Lucha Bros defeated Team AAA

Following last month’s announcement that the Lucha Bros — Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix — considered MLW home, they issued a challenge to any tag team in the world to face them in Chicago at Intimidation Games.

Mexico’s AAA quickly responded, offering to send Taurus and Laredo Kid to Cicero Stadium. The match was made quickly and it lived up to they hype.

While Taurus and Laredo Kid held their own, the Lucha Bros were able to pick up the victory with a Pentagon Driver that was aided by a stomp from Fenix off the top rope.

Jim Cornette Joins Broadcast Team

The evening started with a special surprise, legendary manager and commentator Jim Cornette was announced as the newest member of the MLW broadcast team. Cornette joined Rich Bocchini on the broadcast, receiving a very warm welcome from the Chicago MLW faithful.

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