Fusion Recap – March 16, 2019


This week on MLW FUSION: A near riot ensued at Cicero Stadium, thanks to Contra Unit. Alexander Hammerstone interfered on behalf of The Dynasty in a World Tag Team Championship match. Hijo de LA Park brawled with Mance Warner during a match with Puma King. And we got an “actual” update on the condition of World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

World Tag Team Championship Match
The Hart Foundation defeated The Dynasty by disqualification
In our main event, Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. defended the World Tag Team Championship vs. Richard Holliday and Maxwell J. Friedman, who are now calling themselves The Dynasty.

MJF and Holliday focused all their attention on the battered ribs of Teddy Hart. Of course, that injury was at the hands of MJF and Holliday a few weeks back. The Dynasty’s strategy was paying dividends, too. But Hart hit a Canadian Destroyer on MJF out of sheer desperation and was able to make the tag to Smith.

Things changed when the powerhouse of the Hart Foundation got in the ring. Smith had MJF in position for a Doomsday Destroyer when Alexander Hammerstone hit the ring. Hammerstone clobbered Smith in the back with a steel chair, earning a disqualification, which left the gold in the possession of the Hart Foundation. But as MLW FUSION went off the air, it was Holliday, MJF and Hammerstone celebrating in the center of the ring.

Has Hammerstone joined The Dynasty? Stay tuned to MLW FUSION for more information on this developing situation.

Contra Unit Causes a Near Riot
Josef Samael and Jacob Fatu were in tag team action vs. a pair of local wrestlers from Chicago. Samael and Fatu were firmly in control of the match and could have won at virtually any moment.

Fatu showed both power and agility, hitting a pop-up Samoan Drop, as well as scaling the ropes for a springboard moonsault. Samael showed his ruthlessness throughout the match, at one point tossing his opponent across the ring using the tape from around his wrist after wrapping it around his opponent’s neck.

But instead of picking up the victory, Samael pulled out that spike that he used to bloody and batter Ace Romero with last week. He was jamming it into the face of his opponent, forcing the official to disqualify the Contra Unit team. But they didn’t seem to care.

Fatu hit a pair of moonsaults on his fallen foe. In the most shocking turn of events, Samael used a fireball on the other member of their opposition. As EMTs tended to the burns of one man, the other was being stretchered out of the ring. That’s when Fatu hit a top rope moonsault onto the man on the stretcher. The fans in Cicero Stadium in Chicago were so incensed, bottles, cups and other items were tossed into the ring at Contra Unit.

We still know very little about the motivation of this new group. We’ll hear from Simon Gotch, Samael and Fatu on next week’s episode. Perhaps then we’ll learn more about what it is they’re doing in MLW. 

The World Champ Wants Contra Unit
Earlier this week, our cameras caught up to World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor leaving the hospital after the vicious attack by Contra Unit two weeks ago following Lawlor’s successful title defense against Low Ki in a steel cage.

Lawlor, who is visibly still in pain, declared himself fit to fight. He then made it very clear who is in his crosshairs.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m cleared to fight,” Lawlor said. “Let’s just be clear about who it is that I really want to fight and that’s any of those bastards from that three-headed snake Contra.”  

Puma King defeated Hijo de LA Park
In an important middleweight matchup, Puma King took on Hijo de LA Park. Last week on MLW FUSION, Hijo got in a brawl with Mance Warner over Warner accidentally spilling a beer on Promociones Dorado leader Salina de la Renta. Warner was invited to join Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchinni on commentary in advance of his death match with Hijo’s father LA Park next week on MLW FUSION.

Hijo de LA Park seemed to have the match in hand. Following some distraction and interference from de la Renta, Hijo scored a modified piledriver on Puma King. But instead of going for the cover, he went outside the ring to confront Ol’ Mancer. After Hijo shoved Warner, the Southern Psycho grabbed Cornette’s tennis racquet and blasted Hijo with it.

When the younger LA Park returned to the ring, Puma King was able to take advantage and score the pinfall.

That’s likely to just make Salina and LA Park that much angrier come next week.

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