The next Battle Riot participant is… Rey Horus

Rey Horus will riot on April 5th as the luchador has officially entered the 40-wrestler extravaganza.

Horus is focused on making his 2019 the biggest year of his career and winning the Battle Riot would put him in on track to realizing his goals. (buy tickets)

What is the Battle Riot®? 
A mash-up of a battle royal, royal rumble and anything goes street fight, this super-sized main event will feature 40 wrestlers with new participants entering the ring every 60 seconds.

There will be surprises!

There will be legends!

There will be WTF entries!

And there will be no disqualifications!

Elimination is by pinfall, submission or by throwing an individual over the top rope. 

Anything is possible April 5th in a Battle Riot! 

What does the winner get? 
The winner gets a World Heavyweight Title Shot anywhere, anytime!  It could be that night; it could be in 6 months. The challenger has the key to unlock an instant title shot against whoever the champion is!

Tickets start at $20 at!

See the 2019 Battle Riot® LIVE in New York April 5 at the Melrose Ballroom as MLW presents a live national network special for beIN SPORTS (buy tickets).

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