Fusion Recap – March 30, 2019


This week on MLW FUSION: Teddy Hart overcame his injured ribs and took advantage of a distracted Myron Reed to retain the World Middleweight Championship. In other action, Daga returned with a victory over Ariel Dominguez before having to be separated from Low Ki and Promociones Dorado’s Sicario Ricky Martinez defeated the debuting Air Wolf. There was plenty of action away from the ring, as well. Salina de la Renta was sure she had secured some sort of strategic advantage for Battle Riot II, but in the end it was the Southern Psycho Mance Warner who got one over on Promociones Dorado. We also heard from Jacob Fatu of CONTRA Unit.

World Middleweight Championship
Teddy Hart retained the title, defeating Myron Reed
Teddy Hart doesn’t always make the best of decisions. Most of his bad decisions are in the past. Hart has put his career back on track in a very impressive way in Major League Wrestling, holding the World Middleweight Championship and securing the World Tag Team Championships for the Hart Foundation.

But he may be regretting the choice to issue an open challenge for the title to any middleweight in the MLW locker room with the injuries he’s sustained at the hands of The Dynasty. Myron Reed accepted the challenge and came very close to winning the title. If it wasn’t for Reed’s issues with MLW officials, he might be the World Middleweight Champion as of this writing.

Hart did all he could to overcome the pain he was in throughout this match. He tried to ground the high-flying Reed from the start and relied just a bit less on his own high-flying, high-risk style.

But Reed eventually started wearing down the champ with high-impact maneuvers that caused even more agony to Hart. After Reed hit a top rope hurricanrana, it looked as though we may have a new champion. Instead, it was the last in a series of near falls for the challenger. Reed was convinced he had done enough to win and looked as though he may assault an official once again.

Reed even cocked his arm for a punch to the ref. But cocking his arm was all the opening Hart needed, who hooked him into a backslide and scored the pinfall.

It’s 11 PM, Do You Know Where Your Son Is?
This week’s show opened with Salina de la Renta on the phone about to secure some sort of mysterious advantage in next week’s Battle Riot. She sent Hijo de LA Park out for a meeting of some sort in an effort to garner this advantage.

Later in the show, our cameras caught her backstage explaining to LA Park that she didn’t know the whereabouts of The Chairman’s son. By the time, FUSION went off the air, Hijo returned to the locker room. Or did he?

As LA Park’s son went to greet his father, the younger sucker-punched LA Park. He then removed his mask to reveal it was actually the Southern Psycho Mance Warner, who continued to pummel LA Park.

There are so many questions to be answered here. Where is Hijo de LA Park? Did Promociones Dorado ever secure that advantage? Is this the beginning of even more tension between Ol’ Mancer and Promociones Dorado? Stay tuned … this situation seems to be heating up.

Ricky Martinez defeated Air Wolf
Air Wolf, the highly-touted, 19-year-old made his MLW debut against de la Renta’s very own Sicario, Ricky Martinez.

While the youngster held his own, eventually the more experienced Martinez was able to pick up the victory. A pop-up maneuver into a knee strike to Air Wolf’s head saw Martinez and de la Renta savor a victory for Promociones Dorado.

Jacob Fatu Represented CONTRA Unit
CONTRA Unit submitted a video they demanded be played for the MLW FUSION audience. Jacob Fatu was chosen to deliver the message.

Among the many things Fatu had to say, perhaps the most ominous for every other wrestler in MLW was this: “We will salt the earth with the ashes of our enemies.”

It’s still not clear what all of CONTRA Unit’s intentions are, but one of their goals is very clear. They’re looking for total domination of MLW.

Daga defeated Ariel Dominguez, Confronted Low Ki
After suffering serious injuries to his ear at the hands of then-World Champion Low Ki a few months ago, Daga returned to action this week. Lo and behold, who joined Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini ringside on commentary? None other than The Professional Low Ki.

Dominguez was his usual scrappy self. The highly-decorated amateur was game against Daga and scored a near fall with a springboard DDT that nearly scored the upset. But in the end, the veteran Daga picked up the victory with a modified brain buster.

Following the match, Daga confronted Low Ki and League officials had to separate the two. Our cameras caught up to Daga as he was leaving the arena. He had a message for The Professional.

“I’m back and you know what for?” Daga asked. “I’m going to end you.”

Daga will face Low Ki Friday in New York City at Battle Riot II.

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