Fusion Recap – April 13, 2019


It was a rough night on MLW FUSION for the Dynasty Saturday. It wasn’t such a great evening for Sami Callihan either. For the Dynasty, Maxwell J. Friedman suffered a loss to Brian Pillman Jr. before being shown up by the Hart Foundation. For Callihan, his main event matchup with LA Park escalated into a brawl featuring numerous MLW stars before Promociones Dorado’s destroyer was able to score the victory.

LA Park (presented by Salina de la Renta) defeated Sami Callihan

Salina offered an open challenge to the locker room to face LA Park, winner of last week’s Battle Riot II. When the challenger finally emerged, it was none other than Sami Callihan, who was the last man standing in the ring with Park at Battle Riot II.

As one would expect in a match between The Chairman and the Death Machine, it was a brutal affair. Anything that wasn’t nailed down was used as a weapon. The two battled in and out of the ring, with LA Park getting the upper hand through much of the early going.

Back in the ring, Park had Callihan in a near fall situation. When Callihan kicked out, Park landed on senior referee Frank Gastineau’s head. As Park maneuvered a stunned Gastineau out of the way, Callihan attacked. But LA park saw him coming, ducked out of the way and Callihan’s big boot dropped Gastineau like a sack of potatoes.

Callihan then picked up his ever-present baseball bat and clocked LA Park with it. Callihan covered Park for more than a three-count, but Gastineau was still out of it. At that point, Ricky Martinez and Hijo de LA Park hit the ring and started beating down Callihan. Soon after, Mance Warner entered the fray. Then came Low Ki for Promociones Dorado and finally Daga hit the ring and it was a full-on melee.

When the ring cleared, LA Park hit a massive spear on Callihan. Gastineau had regained just enough of his wits to count the pinfall for LA Park.

Brian Pillman Jr. defeated MJF

The odds were not in Brian Pillman Jr.’s favor at the outset. Maxwell J. Friedman was accompanied to the ring by his Dynasty mates Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone. And early on, the Dynasty duo on the outside had an impact, interfering at every opportunity.

Eventually, the official caught them in the act and sent them to the back, evening the odds. But MJF put the odds in his favor once again, working over Pillman’s previously-injured shoulder.

Perhaps MJF got a little cocky after being in charge for much of the match. Or maybe he simply made a mistake. But Pillman surprised Friedman with small package to pick up the victory and score one for the Hart Foundation in the ever-escalating feud between them and The Dynasty.

Bad to Worse for The Dynasty

Not only did Pillman defeat MJF, but the rest of The Dynasty’s night wasn’t much better. First, our cameras caught Holliday talking a distraught Hammerstone off the ledge backstage.

Later, Holliday seemed to have placated the powerhouse by promising a night on the town. But they couldn’t find MJF’s car. Until it came rolling by full of members of the Hart Foundation, who took off under the light of a “full moon.”

Salina Named Executive Producer?

Earlier in the day, our cameras were then as Salina de la Renta announced she had cut a deal with MLW officials to become executive producer of MLW FUSION for the May 4 episode. What does the impresaria of Promociones Dorado have up her sleeve when she takes over our flagship show for a night? Stay tuned …

Lawlor Speaks After CONTRA Attack

Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael and Simon Gotch have now viciously attacked World Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor twice. Once, at Intimidation Games in Chicago, when Fatu came off the top of a steel cage with a huge splash that caused internal injuries to the champion. And once at Battle Riot II, laying Lawlor out as he was talking to the media following his victory over Jimmy Havoc.

Lawlor called out Fatu and the rest of CONTRA, While LA Park holds the No. 1 contender position by virute of his Battle Riot II victory, Lawlor’s ever-escalating war with CONTRA seems to have much of the champ’s attention.

Reed & Swann defeated Anoai & Yuta

While they continue their crusade for “justice” against the perceived bias of MLW officials and referees, Myron Reed and Rich Swann got together as a tag team for the first time. Jimmy Yuta and Lance Anoai provided a stiff test for the new team’s first foray.

At one point, it looked as though Anoai had the match won. He hit a Samoan drop/dropkick combo that took both Swann and Reed out.

But it wasn’t quite enough. Eventually, Reed regained momentum and Swann were able to put them away with a duo of 450 maneuvers off the turnbuckle, picking up an important tag team victory.

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