Fusion Recap – April 20, 2019


Sami Callihan and Mance Warner started as foes, but it looks like they ended up as unlikely allies after the dust settled on this week’s episode of MLW FUSION. In addition, we saw the Lucha Bros. defeat Air Wolf and Rey Horus. In other news, CONTRA’s Josef Samael defeated Ace Romero before CONTRA mates Simon Gotch and Jacob Fatu took out both Romero and Barrington Hughes. In addition, Gringo Loco picked up a victory over Puma King.

Sami Callihan and Mance Warner – No Contest
Callihan and Warner got mixed up a bit sideways during Battle Riot II and Callihan asked for a match against the Southern Psycho. But sometimes the enemy of one’s enemies become a friend.

Callihand and Warner were doing what you’d expect. They were beating the hell out of one another with just about anything they could get their hands on. Warner took a piledriver through a chair. Callihan received numerous shots to the head with full beer cans. And that’s just a taste of what these two dished out to one another.

But before the match could reach a conclusion, Promociones Dorado’s Hijo de LA Park and Ricky Martinez hit the ring and attacked both Callihan and Warner. The impresaria of Promociones Dorado Salina de la Renta has had issues with both Callihan and Warner as of late. While Promociones Dorado had the element of surprise, it was Callihan and Warner who stood tall at the end of the match and shook hands.

Could these two have some sort of alliance or friendship borne out of their mutual distaste for de la Renta and Promociones Dorado? We’ll have to continue to wait for more developments to find out.

Josef Samael defeated Ace Romero

After bloodying Romero in Chicago with a spike, Josef Samael was matched up with Acey Baby again this week on FUSION. While Romero had an opportunity or two, the vicious and devious Samael was too much in the end.

Romero had an opportunity for a maneuver off the top turnbuckle that could have ended the match … and Samael. But the CONTRA member was too quick and was able to slam Romero the mat, spelling the beginning of the end. After a DDT, Samael seemed to load his boot, before landing a kick square to the face of Romero that led to the pinfall.

CONTRA Continued its Assault on the MLW Locker Room

Following Samael’s victory over Romero, the Gotch and Fatu joined their CONTRA comrade and viciously beat him down. This brought MLW’s other super heavyweight — Barrington Hughes — out of the locker room as backup for Romero.

Hughes may be massive, but he was no match for the three CONTRA members, as they felled the Caramel Colossus as well. Earlier in the show, Fatu had promised a rise in the body count and that’s exactly what happened with Romero and Hughes.

Lawlor Calls Out CONTRA

The World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor has had plenty of run-in’s with CONTRA and his former Team Filthy mate Gotch. After suffering numerous 3-on-1 attacks when the champion was vulnerable after exhausting title defenses, Lawlor has now issued a challenge.

The champ doesn’t care if it’s 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or 3-on-3. He just wants to get his hands on CONTRA in the ring, where they can’t employ a sneak-attack strategy as they’ve done to him in the past. Stay tuned to see if Lawlor gets his wish.

Lucha Bros. defeated Air Wolf & Rey Horus

Two of the brightest young stars in MLW went toe-to-toe with one of the best tag teams in the world as Air Wolf and Horus faced off with Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix.

Horus and Air Wolf had their moments, but in the end, it was the experience, both overall and as a team, that led to victory for the Lucha Bros. Oh, and a double-stomp-aided Penta driver.

Gringo Loco defeated Puma King

Two of the craziest cats in MLW locked up in an entertaining battle this week. One of their names, translated, is Crazy White Guy and the other dresses up like a feline. Plus, they both do some incredible things in the ring. We believe crazy cats is a perfect way to describe these two.

Gringo Loco picked up what some may deem a slight upset with a combo of powerbombs. Puma King was looking for a top rope rana or head scissors. But Loco reversed it into a powerbomb. He then scooped Puma up into a double-underhook powerbomb that scored the 1-2-3.

Dynasty vs. Hart Foundation Next Week

The Hart Foundation challenged The Dynasty to a 6-man Tables Match next week. They even used MJF’s car as a little incentive for The Dynasty to take the match. We learned just before we went off the air that the match has been made and will be seen next week on MLW FUSION.

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