Fusion Recap – April 27, 2019


The Dynasty and the Hart Foundation continued their rivalry on FUSION this week, with The Dynasty getting a measure of revenge for recent “pranks” pulled by the Hart Foundation, but not without some questionable tactics. In other action, Promociones Dorado and Ricky Martinez cost Kotto Brazil a decision and Rey Horus defeated Ace Austin.

6-Man Tables Match
The Dynasty defeated the Hart Foundation

As we opened the show, Dynasty members Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday located Maxwell J. Friedman’s vehicle that had been borrowed by the Hart Foundation at the end of last week’s show. It was pretty clear Teddy Hart, Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr. had a heck of a joyride, incensing Hammerstone and causing Holliday to place a less-than-pleasant call to MJF.

But MJF and Holliday responded when they found Pillman alone in the locker room warming up and severely injured his shoulder, leaving the Hart Foundation a man down at the beginning of the match.

While Hart and Smith held their own for much of the matchup, the numbers finally proved to put The Dynasty in control. That was enough for Pillman to leave the training room and enter the match, despite a clearly injured shoulder.

Pillman’s entry into the match seemed to turn the tide, as Hart hit a massive Doomsday Destroyer off the back of Hammerstone on MJF.

But a double low blow on Hart and Smith by Holliday left Pillman alone in the ring. Hammerstone took advantage and finished the match by launching Pillman through a table in the corner with a running powerbomb.

World Champ “Filthy” Tom Lawlor to Face Avalanche

Rich Bochinni broke the news during this week’s FUSION that No. 1-ranked German wrestler wXw’s Avalance Robert Dreissker will be receiving a title shot against World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

Dreissker: “I’m coming to MLW … and I’m coming for one reason and one reason only. That’s the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. So, Tom Lawlor, you better be ready for a beating.”

Lawlor addressed his future a bit later in the show: “I can do exactly what I’ve wanted to do the entire time and that is defend the MLW World Title against all comers, people from all across the globe. I hear there’s guys from Germany that want to challenge me. Well, come on and get some. I hear guys from Japan want to take a shot. Well, konnichiwa, you’ll go down like the rest of them. LA Park, a legend in Mexico, that doesn’t mean a thing to me. Because when you’re the baddest man on planet Earth, when your name is “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and you’re the MLW World Champion, you will do whatever it takes to hold on to that title … The toughest man on planet Earth isn’t backing down from anybody.”

Sounds like the champ has his plate full with challenges from all over the world and that doesn’t even include CONTRA Unit, who clearly has its sights set on Lawlor, as well.

Jordan Oliver defeated Kotto Brazil

Kotto Brazil faced off with Jordan Oliver, who was making his singles debut in Major League Wrestling. Brazil was still wearing an eye patch thanks to a brawl with Ricky Martinez of Promociones Dorado. Salina de la Renta and Martinez would figure in the match prominently.

After a few minutes of competition between Oliver and Brazil, de la Renta and Martinez showed up at ringside and taunted Brazil. Finally, Martinez tried to interfere in the match and Brazil made him pay with a slingshot cross body block from the inside to the floor.

But that distraction allowed Oliver to hit a cutter off the top rope to score the upset victory. Clearly, the rivalry between Brazil and Martinez is not over.

Rey Horus defeated Ace Austin

In another highly competitive middleweight matchup, Ace Austin and Rey Horus were looking to impress. There was word during the match that the outcome could have implications regarding entry in the upcoming National Openweight Championship Tournament.

Austin and Horus may have both wrestled one of their best matches in MLW and it was hotly-contested. But Horus picked up the victory with a rolling inverted hurricanrana off the top rope. Will this put Horus in contention for the National Openweight Championship? It can’t hurt his chances …

Salina Takes Over Next Week!

Thanks to some shrewd negotiating, Salina de la Renta will serve as Executive Producer of next week’s FUSION. What does the impresaria of Promociones Dorado have up her sleeve?

Here’s what she had to say to our own Kaci Lennox in an interview: “Next week, we’re going to have a blockbuster … starting with that Kenny Powers wannabe Gringo Loco, we’re going to feed him to Hijo de LA Park. And we’re also going to have Disney’s trending star Dumbo, I mean Daga, versus Low Ki. And we’re going to have a public execution. We’re going to take Pentagon Jr.’s head and we’re going to cut it off, ship it back to Mexico.” It sounds like Penta may be facing off with Salina’s Destroyer LA Park. More to come on this in the coming days.

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