Fusion Recap – May 4, 2019


With the exception of Sami Callihan gaining entry to the building and Mance Warner’s little surprise at the end of the show, things couldn’t have gone much better for Salina de la Renta in her debut as Executive Producer of MLW FUSION.

Salina booked three matches for the show. Shocking to nobody was the fact that all three matches featured Promociones Dorado members. All three members of Salina’s stable came out victorious, as well. The only hiccups were provided by Sami Callihan and Mance Warner.

LA Park defeated Pentagon Jr.

In a rematch of last year’s MLW Match of the Year, LA Park was victorious against Pentagon Jr.

As one would imagine, it was a solid showing from both combatants. But it seems as though Promociones Dorado’s Destroyer has Penta’s number, picking up a second victory over the former World Tag Team Champion.

Salina de la Renta interfered in the match on occasion, as expected. But it was a huge spear from LA Park that spelled victory for Promociones Dorado.

Mance’s Big Surprise

Following LA Park’s victory, Salina thought she and The Chairman were going to celebrate with a gift from a sponsor. When the impresaria and the Chairman started to open the gift … SURPRISE!

Mance Warner, who has had his issues with Salina, LA Park and other members of Promociones Dorado, popped out of the box and brawled with LA Park as our show went off the air.

Low Ki defeated Daga

Ever since last winter, when Low Ki nearly ripped the ear off Daga, the King of Mexican Strong Style has been looking for The Professional. Unfortunately for Daga, he didn’t get the revenge he was looking for, thanks to a controversial decision.

Both men showed plenty of moxie throughout the contest. But the match came to a close, when Low Ki pushed Daga into the corner, hit a suplex and (all in one motion) was able to get his feet on the ropes and turnbuckles to generate enough leverage to (illegally) secure the pinfall.

Referee Doug Markham didn’t see Low Ki’s feet on the ropes and counted the pin … much to the delight of Low Ki and the chagrin of Daga.

Conspicuous by her absence during this match was de la Renta, who was seen on the telephone at the top of the show, while Low Ki tried to get her attention. With news of contract talks between Promociones Dorado and the former World Champion as of late, what can we make of the leader of Promociones Dorado no-showing the match of the man she helped land the World Championship?

Callihan Breaks In, Breaks Ricky

With Salina in charge of this week’s show, she barred Sami Callihan from entry to the building. But the ever-ingenuitive Callihan was able to get his way into the building, hijack an MLW cameraman and cause a little of his own brand of chaos.

Callihan laid out an unsuspecting Ricky Martinez and took the Pitbull Sicario’s phone. He then used that phone to call de la Renta, in an attempt to unnerve the impresaria of Promociones Dorado. He promised there would be more to come from him that evening. But we didn’t see him again. Could Callihan have been responsible for the Mance Warner “gift” at the end of the show?

National Openweight Championship Tournament Announced

Gringo Loco, Alexander Hammerstone, Brian Pillman Jr. and Rich Swann were revealed as the four semifinalists in the tournament to crown MLW’s first-ever National Openweight Champion.

The new champion will be crowned June 1 at Fury Road in Milwaukee. Get your tickets by clicking here.

Hijo de LA Park defeated Gringo Loco

Despite the news that he would be a semifinalist for the National Openweight Championship, Gringo Loco couldn’t overcome Hijo de LA Park.

Loco seemed to have things in control, when he twice went for a piledriver on the younger Park. But Hijo reversed it into a back-to-belly piledriver, which secured the victory for Promociones Dorado.

Next Week

Jacob Fatu of CONTRA will look to snap the undefeated streak of the Caramel Colossus Barrington Hughes. Fatu will take on the 469-pounder next week on FUSION.

In addition, the first semifinal matchup in the National Openweight Championship tournament will take place. Alexander Hammerstone of The Dynasty will face off with Gringo Loco for an opportunity at the new belt.

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