The rise of CONTRA Unit



Total destruction.

These are the words most commonly connected to CONTRA Unit since the trio of outsiders hijacked the closing moments of the live Intimidation Games network special in March.

Since that time, CONTRA’s Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael and Simon Gotch have caused carnage unlike anything ever seen in the history of Major League Wrestling.

From crushing Tom Lawlor’s ribs to decimating Ace Romero and Barrington Hughes, no one is safe from CONTRA’s agenda to disrupt and destroy the league.

Hijacking Tom Lawlor’s Battle Riot press conference in April, the group declared their intention of a hostile takeover of Major League Wrestling with the goal of sharing their propaganda with the world through these shocking actions.

What is Contra?

A question many have asked. has spent a considerable amount of time researching the group over the past two months.  While details are difficult to come by, what we can confirm is that CONTRA Unit is an international organization cloaked in mystery but driven to gain power, disrupt leagues such as MLW and conquer all in their path by any means necessary.  MLW, its wrestlers and fans have figured this much out but there’s more.

With whispers of connections to the dangerous and shadowy underworld, these outsiders are not signed to MLW which makes holding them accountable for their actions problematic for the league.

How do you discipline CONTRA given their tactics when everyone in MLW wants to fight them?

A conundrum for the league, which has to manage the demands of its athletes who want to fight CONTRA as well as the safety of the fans and locker room, MLW has entered uncharted territory.

Another question that many are asking is who is behind CONTRA? Many have speculated who is behind this underground guerrilla faction but thus far, no one has a clue.

Are there more soldiers for the CONTRA cause? We’ve heard unconfirmed reports CONTRA has “soldiers” ready to rise up from all corners of the world.

Self proclaimed “global dealers in violence,” CONTRA Unit’s campaign of carnage looks to continue undeterred with the outsiders threatening a “massive body count” on the horizon.

A source has confirmed CONTRA Unit reportedly has a “hit list” and the names on the list could send shockwaves throughout the league.

With the MLW locker room on high alert,  can anyone stop the rise of CONTRA? Only time will tell.

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