Alleged harassed referee demands action against Swann & Reed

Doug Markham, a tenured head referee claims he has received “numerous phone calls” from an unknown number threatening him.

Markham insists it is Myron Reed and Rich Swann trying to intimidate him from continuing to officiate matches for the league.  

“I have had to change hotels after receiving threatening calls,” said Markham.

According to multiple sources, who agreed to share what they saw and learned in exchange for anonymity, a half-dozen or more yellow-jacketed security staffers, as well as at least one local law-enforcement officer, escorted Markham from the MLW hotel in New York to another nearby hotel.

The league’s wrestles seem to be split on Doug Markham and the controversy. “This ref is on the take, everyone knows it,” said one wrestler. “I don’t condone what’s going on but this guy Markham is grandstanding,” said another.

Both Swann and Reed refused to comment.

Markham has been accused of biased officiating by Reed and Swann, with the duo both formally filing a complaint with the league.

In February and March, Reed and Swann both assaulted Markham following their matches as retribution for what they believe was poor officiating.

The league is investigating.

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