Fusion Recap – May 25, 2019


As we head toward Fury Road next weekend in Milwaukee, things heated up considerably on this week’s episode of FUSION. Here’s what happened in a nutshell:

  • CONTRA Unit promised a body count and delivered.
  • World Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor successfully defended his title.
  • Low Ki and Salina don’t seem to be on the same page … at all.
  • Sami Callihan and Mance Warner thwarted LA Park’s attempt to cash in his Battle Riot contract.

And all that took place in just one hour. Here’s a more in-depth look at this week’s FUSION:

Jacob Fatu & Josef Samael (CONTRA) defeated Ace Romero & Barrington Hughes

Josef Samael and Jacob Fatu teamed up to face super heavyweights Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero, who asked for the unsanctioned grudge match after numerous attacks by CONTRA.

The larger Hughes and Romero had an early advantage. But Samael blasted his ever-present spike onto the back of Romero’s head, knocking him out of action. That allowed Fatu and Samael to team up on the out-manned Hughes.

A Fatu moonsault was the final blow during the official match. But CONTRA continued its assault after the bell.

CONTRA Took Out the Lucha Bros

Before they even hit the ring, CONTRA made good on its threats. During the matchup with Hughes and Romero, we got word of an attack on Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix. When video finally surfaced, it was a vicious assault by CONTRA, including a fireball to the face of Fenix.

The Lucha Bros. were supposed to be in action on this week’s episode, instead they were treated for injuries and could not compete.

Low Ki Attacked by CONTRA Following Match

Promociones Dorado’s Low Ki and Ricky Martinez made quick work of a pair of local wrestlers, with Low Ki picking up the victory with a double stomp.

But the big news happened after the match. As Low Ki and Martinez stood in the ring, Jacob Fatu appeared on the entrance ramp. At Salina de la Renta’s urging, Martinez bailed and left the former World Champ alone in the ring.

CONTRA pounced and left Low Ki laying under a CONTRA flag in the center of the ring.

World Championship Match
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor defeated Avalanche Robert Dreissker

As World Champion, Lawlor has said he’ll take on all comers, from all over the world. This week, he faced a challenge from the Austrian Avalanche, Robert Dreissker, the top-ranked wrestler in Germany’s wXw.

It was a hard-hitting, grueling match. Dreissker seemed to have Lawlor in trouble, but missed a splash off the turnbuckle. That opened the door for Lawlor to nail a massive knee strike and then slap on the rear naked choke to score the submission victory.

Lawlor Attacked by CONTRA

Following a hard-fought title defense, Lawlor was in no shape to defend himself against yet another attack from Gotch, Samael and Fatu. Lawlor suffered a Gotch Driver and a Fatu moonsault and was left laying in the middle of the ring.

LA Park Cash-In Attempt Thwarted by Warner, Callihan

The carnage above left Lawlor vulnerable for LA Park to cash in his Battle Riot contract for a World Championship match any time he wanted it. But the war of Sami Callihan and Mance Warner vs. Promociones Dorado foiled the plans of de la Renta and LA Park.

As de la Renta was about to lead LA Park to the ring, Callihan and Warner attacked, beating down the legendary luchadore and keeping him from cashing in on what almost assuredly would have been a quick victory over an injured World Champion.

Next Week – FUSION is LIVE with Fury Road

Next week’s show will be a live one-hour special from Fury Road in Milwaukee. The new National Openweight Champion will be crowned when Alex Hammerstone faces Brian Pillman Jr. in the finals of the championship tournament. Teddy Hart will defend the World Middleweight Championship against England’s Most Dangerous Man Jimmy Havoc. Gringo Loco will square off with Myron Reed, as well.

Tune in at 9 ET next week on beIN SPORTS for our next LIVE special!

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