Fusion Recap – June 15, 2019


Salina de la Renta returned as executive producer of FUSION Saturday night and the impresaria of Promociones Dorado didn’t disappoint! In the main event, she ound a way to remove one of her enemies.

How? She pitted Mance Warner and Sami Callihan, both thorns in the side of Promociones Dorado, against one another. And she maneuevered with League officials to make it a Loser Leaves MLW match! In the end, she rid herself of Callihan. There was plenty more on this week’s show. See below for details.

Loser Leaves MLW / Falls Count Anywhere
Mance Warner defeated Sami Callihan

In a master stroke of genius by de la Renta, she got rid of one of her biggest enemies and as our own Jim Cornette said on the broadcast, “she didn’t have to lift a finger to do it.”

Callihan and Warner both have no problem with fighting. And this was a fight. It went all over the Waukesha County Expo Center. They fought in the ring. They fought in the crowd. They fought in the merchandise stand.

Warner was bloodied. He even had his tongue stapled to a door. But in the end, it was that same door that made the difference. After ripping his tongue off the door, Warner beat Callihan senseless with it and later, grabbed another wooden door and drove his knee through it into Callihan’s temple to score the pinfall, meaning Callihan leaves MLW!

Low Ki defeated Ricky Martinez
A few weeks ago, CONTRA Unit came to the ring to attack Promociones Dorado’s Low Ki and Ricky Martinez. But de la Renta and Martinez bailed on the situation and bailed on Low Ki, effectively ending Low Ki’s association with de la Renta and her group.

This week, Low Ki got a chance for retribution and he took advantage of it. The Professional overcame a game effort from de la Renta’s Pitbull Sicario. The former World Champion won by referee stoppage, when he nailed Martinez with an elbow to the head, nearly knocking Martinez out.

Savio Vega is coming to MLW!
We had breaking news during this week’s show. Savio Vega is coming to MLW later this summer. Stay tuned to MLW.com and our social media channels for more details.

Flamita defated Rey Horus
Rumor has it, according to Cornette and Rich Bocchini from the broadcast booth, that de la Renta may have been scouting Horus, Flamita or both for possible inclusion in Promociones Dorado. So, why not book a match between them when she has the power as executive producer this week?

That’s exactly what she did. In a great lucha libre contest, it was Flamita with the victory in his FUSION debut. Flamita scored a 450 splash off the top turnbuckle to pick up the win.

Next Week – Lawlor & Von Erichs vs. CONTRA Unit
The war between CONTRA and World Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor just got ratcheted up a notch. Marshall and Ross Von Erich make their FUSION debut next week and they’ll be teaming with Lawlor to face CONTRA.

Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael and Simon Gotch vs. Lawlor and the Von Erichs in a tornado tag team match, next week here on FUSION!

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