Von Erichs clash with CONTRA in unsanctioned match July 6 in Chicago


See the Chicagoland debut of Ross & Marshall Von Erich at the LIVE MLW Fusion TV taping

On Saturday night July 6 Ross and Marshall Von Erich will make their Chicago debut as they go to war against the shadowy cabal known as the CONTRA Unit in an unsanctioned match. (Buy tickets)

MLW today announced Marshall & Ross Von Erich vs. CONTRA Unit’s Simon Gotch & Josef Samael in an unsanctioned match for MLW: Kings of Colosseumat Cicero Stadium in Chicago. The event is a TV taping for beIN SPORTS on Saturday night July 6th with a 7 p.m. bell time.

Tickets start at $10 at http://www.MLWTickets.com

“The league wants nothing to do with CONTRA,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “But since Ross and Marshall Von Erich want to help with our infestation problem, I feel obliged to honor their request… but legally this is an unsanctioned match.”

The group identifying itself as CONTRA Unit are not under contract yet have disrupted several MLW events dating since March 1.

Since March, CONTRA Unit has terrorized Major League Wrestling with their campaign of violence to disrupt and destroy the league and its wrestlers. From attacking “Filthy” Tom Lawlor in a steel cage to leaving Low Ki laying to launching a fireball in the face of Rey Fenix, no one has been safe.

As the saga between Lawlor and CONTRA continued to escalate, Lawlor found himself in need of some back-up.

Enter the Von Erich boys.

Having just been signed by MLW, Lawlor made a call to the 3rd generation grapplers and asked if they’d join up in his fight against CONTRA.  Ross and Marshall wasted no time in agreeing to join up in Lawlor and MLW’s fight against CONTRA.

With their first battle in Milwaukee being one of the wildest encounters in league history, the Von Erichs stormed MLW and pushed CONTRA to the edge in a match that will air this coming week on FUSION.

Now, the battle continues on at Cicero Stadium on July 6 as the Von Erichs fight CONTRA’s Simon Gotch and Josef Samael in what is guaranteed to be another wild affair.

As the Von Erichs fight for MLW and usher in a new era of hope, will the brothers be the first to stop the seemingly unstoppable global dealers in violence that is CONTRA? Find out LIVE at Cicero Stadium Saturday night July 6.

Buy tickets starting at just $10.

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