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A rocking sold-out Cicero Stadium was holding by the strength of all of it’s pillars as Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcomed the viewers to Kings Of Colosseum for what ended up being a history-making night for Major League Wrestling.

The National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone sauntered out with Richard Holliday, MJF and Aria Blake in tow. The foursome proudly show off an American flag on display while Hammerstone exclaimed he represents “a true American Hero” and said that he’s ready for anybody to step up to the plate here in Cicero. It doesn’t take long for Kotto Brazil to answer the call.

Alexander Hammerstone defeated Kotto Brazil to retain the National Openweight Championship

A game Brazil answered Hammerstone’s challenge and used his agility and athleticism to out-duel the Openweight Champ initially, but a big boot to the face leveled the playing field quite literally which allowed Hammerstone to regain control.

Kotto managed to capitalize on a major miss by Hammerstone with a satellite DDT and hit a frog splash, but the hardy Hammer kicked out before even a two count. A top rope stalling suplex led by a Nightmare Pendulum had the Openweight Champ arm being raised and his shoulders being draped in the colors of the red, white and blue.

The Dynasty wasn’t done however as MJF slithered his way into the spotlight to call out the Hart Foundation and demands a shot to their World Tag Team Championships. Will the Hart Foundation accept The Dynasty’s challenge?

In the meantime, Simon Gotch stirred backstage trash-talking Tom Lawlor before the Heavyweight Champion faces Jacob Fatu in the main event. Gotch’s intimidation tactics don’t hold for long before “The Filthy One” stepped through the door behind him beat down Gotch for his troubles. Lawlor then coolly looked at the camera to make it known that the “door will be shut on CONTRA Unit” tonight.

Myron Reed defeated Rey Horus

“The Social Justice Crusader” started slugging away on Horus until the cousin of Rey Mysterio Jr. physically showed his family lineage that caused Reed to go out-of-ring to regain his composure.

Reed however answered Horus’ call which led to Jordan Oliver stomping a major mud-hole into the luchador on the outside. Horus displayed some major fighting spirit to overtake the two, even with the stalling from controversial referee Doug Markham.

A well-placed guillotine leg drop gave Horus some momentum, but Oliver’s interference played too much of a factor and Myron Reed hit his springboard uppercut “Louisville Slugger” for the suspect 1-2-3.

New MLW Correspondent Georgia Smith stood with some “familial faces” in the Hart Foundation as her brother Davey Boy Smith was quicker than a hiccup to answer The Dynasty’s Tag Team Title Challenge. The ever-game grapplers gave a resounding “yes” and not only that, but Smith says the belts will have to be won “rung by rung” in a ladder match with “Freebird Rules” coming into play. The Foundation revealed that Brian Pillman Jr. will team with Teddy Hart to defend the titles. Pillman had suffered some recent hardships in the ring, but was all ready to prove his worth once hearing the news from Teddy.

Next up, Jim Cornette was in the MLW squared circle to welcome the Empresaria herself, Salina de la Renta for a special episode of The Jim Cornette Experience. The Puerto Rican-born businesswoman went on to brag about her ground-breaking achievements before Cornette asked her about the potential of seeing an LA Park cash-in tonight. An insulted La Renta doesn’t take the bait and claimed that kind of content is confidential. Corny followed up asking Salina about Konnan’s MLW return. She’s not worried about his plans. She stated he was humiliated, stabbed and even went as far as to say the legend is “the type of man who can’t keep a superstar or please a woman.” That brought the wrestling legend out into Cicero. Salina had some choice words for Konnan, but Konnan was ready to prove her wrong stating he has some new talent that de la Renta holds no rule over. Salina stared daggers into Konnan before saying if he doesn’t shut his yap, she knows something – a secret – about Konnan that she won’t hesitate to let the wrestling world in on.

Dynasty received the news of The Hart Foundation’s counter challenge and the trio seemed all about it before word got to MJF of ladders being involved. However, it’s too little too late as Holliday hopped on the opportunity to accept. Looks like we’re all set for New York City, but is The Dynasty?

Jacob Fatu defeated Tom Lawlor to become the new World Heavyweight Champion

We see zero sign of Gotch as Lawlor’s earlier assault looked to be successful, but that doesn’t thwart Josef Samael from accompanying the “Samoan Werewolf” Jacob Fatu to ringside.

The two traded blows to kick off the main event in the Windy City and it isn’t long until Fatu exerted his power by launching Lawlor into the guardrails.

Cornette appropriately stated that “winning is everything” for the two combatants and it’s evident as Jacob Fatu’s body continued to barricade the defending champ’s efforts at exhausting the “Samoan Werewolf.”

A MLW-first occurs as Fatu missed a moonsault which allowed Lawlor to show his “filthiness” in an attempt to slow Fatu down, but Lawlor still felt the the force of his larger foe, and it provided shocking results.

A well-placed pop-up Samoan Drop had Lawlor laid out for a moonsault which this time connected to end Lawlor’s over six-month reign.

A wild finish to Kings of Colosseum has Fatu, an unsigned talent, holding the World Heavyweight Title! What does this hostile hijacking mean for Major League Wrestling?

Tonight at Kings of Colosseum a new World Heavyweight Champion was crowned as Jacob Fatu dethroned “Filthy” Tom Lawlor to become the new champion.

MLW will have more on this story soon.

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