Salina de la Renta vows vengeance against Ol Mancer

Salina de la Renta claims the man she likes to call a “goat lover,” Mance Warner will be the next headstone added to her cemetery of victims.

Mance Warner is physically in possession of LA Park’s golden ticket, which Park received having won the 2019 Battle Riot. A few weeks ago on FUSION, Ol Mancer outsmarted Promociones Dorado by taking all of Salina’s men down in one way or another before one coughed up the golden ticket.

Now, Salina de la Renta won’t rest until Promociones Dorado retrieves the ticket which holds the power of invoking a title shot anytime, anywhere.

This weekend the Puerto Rican powerbroker will have her shot at regaining the golden ticket as Mance Warner faces Salina’s personal Tijuana Gremlin Bestia 666 on FUSION. If Bestia wins, the ticket will revert back to Promociones Dorado… but what happens if Ol Mancer once again triumphs over Promociones Dorado? Tune in to find out.

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