FUSION RECAP: Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Timothy Thatcher Show Us The ‘Sweet Science’


If you were looking for an extraordinary display of different talents in the ring, then this week’s episode of Fusion was perfect for your pro wrestling palate. Things got tough and technical with a “touch of Tony” because Tony Schiavone made his return to the MLW commentary booth this week as Fusion fired up from the Melrose Ballroom in New York City! Plus, two MLW debuts took place that were memorable for both the fans and the fighters. Let’s get to it.

Low Ki defeated Jimmy Yuta

“The Professional” has indeed been a real pro at knocking opponents out cold and even though Yuta has a few inches on Low Ki, the wily vet was ready for quick work. Yuta was squaring to grapple up with Low Ki, but a quick boot to the face sat Yuta down for the quick KO that led to referee Doug Markham signaling for the bell.

“One more in the books,” Low Ki stated post-match, but just how many more pages does he plan to add? If Low Ki continues his KO consistency, then it’ll be the size of War & Peace (heavy on the “War,,” light on the “Peace.”)

Speaking of war, we go to the War Chamber Control center as it’s going to be CONTRA Unit and a mystery partner going up against Tom Lawlor, The Von Erichs and a partner of their choosing come September 7th in Dallas. Dallas may be Von Erich country, but if CONTRA have it their way, their black flag reign high when it’s all said and done.

In order for Salina de la Renta to get her phone back, Konnan had three demands for her and they’re non-negotiable: Number 1: Konnan wants to book a match pitting Promociones’ pals Jimmy Havoc against LA Park. At first, Salina was apprehensive, but eventually relented to Konnan’s commands much to Jimmy’s chagrin.

We see the first showing of “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Dynastic” as the four members await on the arrival of their new Ferrari. MJF drops some news to Hammerstone and Holliday that Teddy Hart cannot invoke the Hart Foundation’s rematch clause for the Tag Titles as he’s failed his wellness policy.

The Spirit Squad saunter out into Melrose Ballroom to issue an “open workout” against any team in the back. Kenny Doane and Mike Mondo don’t have too much respect for wrestling history or MLW’s tag team division as Doane states that it wasn’t their last names to get where they are in wresting, but it was Marshall and Ross Von Erich who were all but ready to give them a history lesson.

The music didn’t even get a chance to stop playing as the brothers went on the offense against the Spirit Squad and sent Doane down with a double team Claw Slam for the extremely impressive W.

Marshall Von Erich was all ready to go and witness the birth of his baby, but CONTRA Unit had other plans as Josef Samael and Simon Gotch made an attempted attack on Ross and Marshall. CONTRA couldn’t capitalize even with spike in hand as the Von Erichs fought them off until a new solider in the Unit showed up to spray a mist in Marshall’s eyes, putting a scary stop to all the action.

Could this mysterious individual indeed be their partner for War Chamber?And will Marshall be even able to compete after all this? It was later reported that he was rushed to a local hospital in Queens for further evaluation and MLW will be sure to have updates.

Due to the shocking incident, the production crew decided to air a previous match from Chicago between Gringo Loco and Zenshi in his MLW debut .

Gringo Loco defeated Zenshi

The debuting Zenshi was more than ready to show off his unorthodox high-flying style against Gringo Loco, but Loco was indeed not to be outdone. The two had a chess match of athleticism as each competitor had trouble outwitting one another. Zenshi took several opportunities to use the ring ropes in his favor by impressively catching Loco off-guard with a hurricanrana onto the outside and later giving Loco some sauce from a springboard senton back in the ring. He capped his strong sequence off with a bottom-rope 450 splash, but only got a two. “Strong” ended up being the operative word for Loco in the long run as he caught Zenshi in a tombstone piledriver for the pinfall victory.

It should be noted that Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver tried to make their presence known in the crowd during this match with taped mouths and signs demanding justice. Now with an upset Kotto Brazil also in their crew, we’re sure to see more of these antics from this trio.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. was all business in his pre-match interview with Kaci Lennox and didn’t put any focus on hi sister’s supposed relationship with National Openweight Champion, Alex Hammerstone. He did however highlight the plans he has for his opponent in the main event tonight against the debuting Timothy Thatcher.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. defeated Timothy Thatcher

The sweet science sure was in full force in this bout as the two fighters slapped hands in respect before they got to the business of mat wrestling. Thatcher started off with most of the contortion control so much that it garnered another hand slap from Davey and the two reset.

Thatcher eventually focused on the left leg of Smith and Davey did all he could to get back to a vertical base. He eventually did but the Bulldog’s boy was feeling the effects and Thatcher continued his targeting of the leg.

The fans were split as far as who they want to get behind and Schiavone noted that the division showed the respect the audience has for both men. Davey Boy found the quick window of opportunity to cinch in a sharpshooter but Thatcher wisely got to the ropes in fast fashion and the two began to slug it out.

Davey Boy soon put his strength on display by German duplexing Thatcher down and eventually manages to turn it into two more before he hit a tiger suplex on Timothy, but only for two.

Thatcher went back to the workshop and made several attempts to put Davey Boy in an armbar, but Davey again pulled the strength card and slammed Thatcher down on the mat before floating over to lock in the crossface for the submission win in what was a stellar match for both wrestlers.

Post-match, Davey Boy was met by his sister Georgia on stage for an interview. Davey said that the fans support was music to his ears but one song he had no interest in hearing sung was the potential duet going down between Hammerstone and Georgia, who remained silent on the issue. Davey was all but that and let his sis know that he’s coming for her boyfriend Hammerstone.

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