CONTRA Unit strikes with mysterious new addition

Following their encounter against the Spirit Squad, Ross and Marshall Von Erich were confronted by CONTRA Unit’s Josef Samael and Simon Gotch.  As the brothers battled CONTRA, pandemonium quickly spiraled into panic when an unknown assailant leaped up and sprayed a mist-like substance into the face of Marshall Von Erich.

CONTRA quickly fled the Melrose Ballroom leaving a blinded Marshall Von Erich screaming in pain while rubbing his eyes.  

His brother, medics and league officials worked quickly to flood Marshall’s eyes with water to flush out the mysterious toxic substance.  

“MLW trainers moving quickly likely limited the damage,” said a source within the office of wrestling operations.  

Who is this unnamed new soldier for CONTRA Unit?  What did he spray into Marshall’s eyes? Right now, has more questions than answers.