FUSION RECAP: MJF Looks To Reclaim His Middleweight Gold From Teddy Hart


This episode of Fusion fires off with some breaking news: Mance Warner has reportedly been taken under custody by The New York City Police Department! We last saw Warner run off Promociones Dorado with a chainsaw by his side and he is now being charged with aggravated assault at the 114th Precinct.

Zenshi defeated El Hijo de LA Park

The two tried to literally sweep the legs out from under one another, but El Hijo took command of the match with suicide dive to the outside and then crotched Zenshi on the steel barricade. Zenshi came up hobbling on his right leg and El Hijo reversed him mid-hurricanrana to slam him against the steel rail and powerbomb him on the ring apron.

Zenshi showed fortitude and kicked out in the ring, but El Hijo continued to kick away at Zenshi to keep him floored. The two found themselves on the top turnbuckle exchanging punches and Zenshi finally caught El Hijo down with the aforementioned hurricanrana. That only got a two count, but Zenshi was not done with the high-flying. From that very same corner, he literally launched himself into the opposite corner to deliver an on-point dropkick onto a prone Park. It would have been worthy of a three-count, but El Hijo had enough wherewithal to grab the bottom rope.

El Hijo began to use his strength and agility to gain momentum, but a little too much taunting got the better of The Chairman’s boy and Zenshi caught him with a tornado cutter for the pinfall finish. El Hijo wasn’t happy and nailed Zenshi with a chair to step back into the spotlight. It’s fair to say we have a new rivalry heating up between these two young middleweights.

On October 5, MLW will be making its way south of the border for an upcoming event with The Crash Lucha Libre and who is set for a trip this September to represent the League but The Pittbull, Salina’s Sicario, Ricky Martinez.

Low Ki has been knocking out competitors left and right over the past month and Kaci Lennox was standing backstage with The Professional. Low Ki cut down to the middleweight division and the Brooklyn-born technician is well aware of the speed and explosiveness of the talent in comparison to the heavyweight crew. Low Ki’s known of Teddy Hart for a long time and know there’s a good reason as to why he sits atop of the middleweight throne.

As for CONTRA, Low Ki dealt with the rebel faction last time he was in NYC and they’ve made it quite personal. So Low Ki is more than ready to introduce them to his “exceptional professional presence.”

Simon Gotch has his steely eyes set on Tom Lawlor and warned him about being so willing about entering the War Chamber in Dallas. “This ain’t no Figure Four Podcast” Heavyweight Champ Jacob Fatu tells Filthy as the foursome show zero fear in facing the former Heavyweight Champ and his friends with their famous father. Marshall & Ross Von Erich will be joined by Kevin Von Erich at ringside, but who, if anyone, will be the trio’s fourth teammate?

A Pro-Wrestling NOAH talent in Minoru Tanaka is set to make his return to an MLW ring on October 5. Who will the current GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion go up against?

Salina de la Renta on if she had anything to do with Mance Warner’s arrest earlier in the day: “Of course. I had everything to do with it.”

Her advisor Jimmy Havoc was by her side and he told Ole Mancer to enjoy his time in lock up because he and Promociones Dorado will be waiting for him.

The Von Erichs & Lawlor are both on standby to respond to CONTRA and the trio are ready for War no matter what Gotch, Samael, Kwon & Champion Fatu throw at them. Before they meet up in the War Chamber however, Lawlor is invoking his rematch clause next week on Fusion against The Samoan Werewolf!

We’re graced with a brand new episode of “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Dynastic.” Using a throw pillow that he claims he made, Richard Holliday shows that “Life Is Beauty Full” for The Dynasty with all the gold around their waists.

One person who isn’t beautiful according to Holliday is Brian Pillman Jr. Holliday stated that he plans to wipe the floor with “his stupid mullet” next week when the two face off. MJF doubled down on the Hart Foundation stupidity by saying he’s going to reclaim his Middleweight gold against Teddy Hart tonight. Hammerstone happened to lose track of time looking at his Rolex, but shared out the idea that he will bring gold back from Pro-Wrestling NOAH (Hammerstone later backed up that notion by winning his first match in the N-1 Victory Tournament).

“I never lost the MLW Middleweight Championship…” is what MJF wanted to emphasize throughout Queens as he stepped in the ring for his rematch and didn’t want to hear anything from the folks in attendance. Teddy Hart entered Melrose purring on all cylinders. With Mr. Velvet in his arms, Teddy got a very warm reception as he shook hands with the fans.

Teddy Hart defeated MJF to retain the World Middleweight Title

“Let’s Go Teddy” chants echoed throughout The Melrose Ballroom as the two foes shook hands & hug with as much sincerity as an MJF compliment, but Teddy was a step ahead when he caught Friedman mid-kick to hit him with a lumbar back bomb.

MJF tried to beg his way off, but Teddy wouldn’t have any of it and bounced the Burberry boy’s throat off the middle rope. Teddy delivers a Dungeon DDT right before Aria Blake butted her way into the equation. Teddy gently removed her off the apron, but MJF still found a way to factor his girlfriend in by once again putting her in harm’s way on the outside. As Teddy literally sat her down out of the action, MJF sidekicked the Middleweight Champ before dropping him onto the guardrail and lawn darting him into the ring post.

Booes accompanied MJF back into the ring as he casually waited for Teddy to recuperate. Like a rapid hyena, MJF stomped away on Hart in the corner, but Teddy hooked onto the heel to cause both fighters to recompose. MJF once again used the ring elements to gain an upperhand by pulling Teddy down into the turnbuckle. MJF hooked Teddy with a Regal-Plex in a stellar showcase of strength from The Salt Of The Earth.

Teddy soon relied on instinct to deliver a Code Red that shifted momentum before bolting ahead to smack MJF with one spring-loaded Canadian Destroyer. MJF wisely rolled out of the ring, but Teddy kept things rolling with a springboard moonsault that afterwards, caused Hart to favor his wrist. It didn’t stop him from flying as he hit a springboard shooting star press elbow for a near fall. Teddy goes for round two, but this time MJF got his knees up. Friedman then showed ultimate disrespect to the Hart legacy by locking Teddy in a Sharpshooter. Teddy luckily made it to the ropes.

MJF nailed a heat-seeking driver, but doesn’t hook the leg which allowed Hart to kick out. Aria Blake once again got involved by handing her boy a pink high heel which redirected referee Frank Gastineau’s focus on the foreign object. Blake immediately went in for the cheap shot below the belt on Hart. This led to a very near title change but Teddy mustered up the strength to kick out. Gastineau’s had enough and ejected Blake. A frustrated MJF can’t keep focus as Teddy climbed atop the turnbuckle to pop off with a Canadian Destroyer that floored Friedman for the 1-2-3.

The Dynasty’s streak of gold is stopped as Teddy Hart showed the New York City crowd that Hart Foundation has plenty of heartbeat left! The Middleweight division is full of very healthy competition so who’ll step up next to challenge? With the likes of Low Ki and Austin Aries lingering around, you better believe we’ll be getting some answers soon enough.

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