Savio Vega activated from injured reserve amidst legal dispute with de la Renta

Legendary brawler Savio Vega has been medically cleared to return to competition and is aiming for a comeback on a limited basis.

The Caribbean Champion suffered a stinger as a result of Alex Hammerstone’s devastating new Night Terror Pendulum over the summer.  The move, similar to the Nightmare Pendulum, adds more torque and more power on the landing creating a devastating impact for the opponent.

In this instance, the added rotation and power resulted in Savio Vega’s legs crushing underneath his own body.  Vega lost movement in his legs and barely avoided a compound fracture of his right lower leg.

The league is still evaluating the legality of the move, a decision the Dynasty is protesting.

While recovering from his injuries Vega has been enduring a nasty legal battle courtesy of the Puerto Rican powerbroker Salina de la Renta who is suing Vega over a contract dispute.

Vega has retaliated in his own way by mentoring the Bucksnort brawler Mance Warner in his war against Promociones Dorado.

Vega has vowed payback against Promociones Dorado and the Dynasty. Which one will the “Pride of Puerto Rico” target first? Only time will tell but the road to a comeback begins now.

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