Who is the masked mystery member of CONTRA Unit?


Since War Chamber in Dallas there has been rumors and theories as to who the large masked CONTRA solider was that attempted to scale the chamber only to be denied by Kevin Von Erich.

Since raiding MLW this past Spring, the CONTRA Unit propaganda machine has been full of rhetoric about CONTRA rising up in all corners of the world.

Is this a mere CONTRA soldier?  One of a thousand that does the bidding of CONTRA?

Could the masked CONTRA member be a ferocious force that’s been lurking in the shadows just waiting to emerge and attack in the name of CONTRA?

Some wonder if the masked CONTRA soldier was a member of the MLW locker room defecting.

Could the masked man be the rumored person behind CONTRA Unit?

CONTRA isn’t saying.

Instead, the global dealers in violence seem to be enjoying the psychological terror behind this mystery… and it seems to be working on the locker room which has become even more paranoid in the wake of the War Chamber.

MLW.com will continue to follow this story.

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