Who is the Spider Lady?


The mystery entangling the women’s division is the arrival of the femme phantom known as the Spider Lady.

Speculation has swirled around the shadowy grappler ever since her debut was announced on MLW.com. The Spider Lady will compete against Zeda Zhang in Orlando in the historic first bout to kickoff the league’s women’s division.

A source within the office of wrestling operations has indicated the Spider Lady’s arrival comes after a month of phone calls and “aggressive emails” to the league.

Another source indicated the messages left by the Spider Lady featured a disguised voice using some sort of voice modulator software.

Reportedly the Spider Lady has made threats directed towards Zeda Zhang as well as vowing the women’s division won’t be a “glorified glossy glamour show.”

Just as MLW.com was set to go to press on this article, we received an encrypted WhatsApp message from the alleged “Spider Lady.” Full of macabre ranting and raving, it is clear this femme phantom is on the brink of becoming unhinged.

Promising the kiss of death when you dance with the Spider Lady, Zeda Zhang’s historic start in MLW may be eclipsed by the darkness of the femme phantom known simply as the Spider Lady.

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