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2019 has been quite the year for Major League Wrestling. From Tom Lawlor choking out Low Ki to win the MLW World Heavyweight Championship in Philadelphia to The Von Erichs obtaining tag title gold in Chicago, the landscape has grown, developed and changed as we head into the new decade. It always helps to look back on the year to see how far one has come and MLW sure has had a journey to talk about.

AJ Kirsch and Rich Bocchini do just that before taking us to what was an instant classic back in early August that had Davey Boy Smith Jr. facing a debuting Timothy Thatcher in what was a pure showcase of technical wrestling.

MLW Fusion – August 3, 2019
Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Timothy Thatcher

The sweet science sure was in full force in this bout as the two fighters slapped hands in respect before they got to the business of mat wrestling. Thatcher started off with most of the contortion control so much that it garnered another hand slap from Davey and the two reset.

Thatcher eventually focused on the left leg of Smith and Davey did all he could to get back to a vertical base. He eventually did but the Bulldog’s boy was feeling the effects and Thatcher continued his targeting of the leg.

The fans were split as far as who they want to get behind and Schiavone noted that the division showed the respect the audience has for both men. Davey Boy found the quick window of opportunity to cinch in a sharpshooter but Thatcher wisely got to the ropes in fast fashion and the two began to slug it out.

Davey Boy soon put his strength on display by German suplexing Thatcher down and eventually manages to turn it into two more before he hit a tiger suplex on Timothy, but only for two.

Thatcher went back to the workshop and made several attempts to put Davey Boy in an armbar, but Davey again pulled the strength card and slammed Thatcher down on the mat before floating over to lock in the crossface for the submission win in what was a stellar match for both wrestlers.

MLW has given fans a very healthy dose of great matches between world class talent, but with talent comes great aspirations and such competition can cultivate resentment. That has been Tom Lawlor’s story of 2019 as he turned his back on the Von Erichs. Kirsch and Bocchini take us through what has brought a wedge between the two parties.

A trio to have it’s fair share of ups and downs as well has been The Dynasty. We also get treated with a look back as to how their year developed and that includes the highs of Alexander Hammerstone becoming the first ever National Openweight Champion and the lows of MJF & Richard Holliday losing the tag titles to The Von Erichs. One has to think that there will be plenty to talk about in regards to The Dynasty in 2020.

MLW Top 10 Craziest Moments Of The Year

(10) Spider Lady attacks Zeda Zhang, reveals herself to be Priscilla Kelly

(9) Ross Von Erich & Tom Lawlor brawl on NYC streets

(8) CONTRA Unit takes out Lucha Bros

(7) Mance Warner raising hell on Promociones Dorado

(6) Jacob Fatu’s cage dive

(5) Tom Lawlor betrays The Von Erichs

(4) Mance Warner & Jimmy Havoc’s feud

(3) War Chamber

(2) Jacob Fatu wins World Heavyweight Championship

(1) CONTRA’s fireball & Salina speared through a table

The faction to have an unstoppable 2019 was CONTRA Unit as the rogue armada reeked havoc on MLW. Kirsch and Bocchini show viewers what a scary successful year it has been for CONTRA.

MLW Saturday Night SuperFight – November 2, 2019
MLW World Heavyweight Championship
LA Park vs. Jacob Fatu

It’s main event time, ladies and gentlemen. The 2019 Battle Riot Winner LA Park is the first to enter and the Chicago crowd shows their love for The Destroyer. The MLW World Champion comes donning the CONTRA black flag and the tension is quite high in Cicero Stadium.

The arena shakes with dueling chants as LA Park looks unphased by the challenge he has in front of him. He gets a gigantic ovation as he is formally introduced.

Jacob Fatu has destruction in his eyes as he’s introduced, but LA Park grabs the mic and speaks Spanish to the live crowd, attempting to get into Fatu’s head. He doesn’t have some very nice words for the champ.

The bell rings and both slug it out. The champ gets the advantage at first but both men trade a series of German suplexes. LA Park uses the body of Frank Gastineau to help him lariat Fatu down.

Both men go to the outside and Samael shoves his way into the action by striking LA Park down. The undefeated Destroyer feels Fatu’s wrath back in the ring. The champion takes a moment to taunt the crowd with calls of “CONTRA” as he brings LA Park to his feet. He headbutts Park in the corner and Fatu is now fully in control. As Salina tries to restore order, Fatu goes for the mask of Park and Samael slides in to strike Park repeatedly with his spike. Park’s mask is partially gone, but blood has covered up what it naked tot the crowd. Fatu continues his attack onto the outside. Blood is just everywhere and LA Park gets tossed into the crowd. On the opposite side of Cicero, Salina looks extremely concerned and Rich Bocchini can only think that she’s regretting not prioritizing the importance of the match.

“LA Park” chants are still behind The Destroyer as blood continues to pour out of The Chairman. Fatu claims to the crowd he’s going to kick his ass all night long. LA Park finds moments to strike back but doesn’t truly change the momentum until he catches Fatu with a powerslam. That doesn’t last long as Fatu sidekicks Park down before hitting a standing springboard moonsault. Near fall.

Fatu puts Park in a corner but Park headbutts him off and hits him with a twisting senton for a very close fall!

Park decides to take it back to the outside and smacks Fatu down with the timekeeper’s table. The Destroyer grabs a chair and smacks Fatu with it and that’s right before he breaks the ring bell over the champ’s skull. Fatu is now bleeding heavily.

LA Park gets his second wind and chokes Fatu with the middle rope while in ring. He pushes Fatu into the corner and headbutts him with force. Park pulls off his belt and begins to slap it across the back of the champion. LA Park shoots Fatu in the corner but Fatu finds his footing and crashes into Park with a vaulting senton. Park goes to the outside and in a jaw-dropping moment, Jacob leaps over the top rope and the two tumble down the entryway.

Fatu gets back in the ring with a table and sets it up in the corner. Fatu climbs the top rope and yells “Hail CONTRA” before leaping off with a moonsault. He misses! LA Park goes for the pin but Samael gets back in and sends a fireball into the face of referee Frank Gastineau!

Salina steps in but as LA Park aims for Samael, he accidentally hits the Empresaria with a spear through the table!

Fatu Samoan Drops LA Park before he hops up for his patented springboard top rope moonsault for the victory!

We see Samael and Fatu celebrate the monumental win on their way up the entryway as Park tends aid to Salina.

Happy New Year, everybody!

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