REPORT: Dynasty accused of… giant abuse?

This past holiday season Alex Hammerstone gave his fellow “bros” in the Dynasty a giant gift. Literally. Introducing a massive man Hammerstone named Grogan, the Dynasty seem to have secured some added muscle to shield the elitists from their enemies. 

Of course, being the Dynasty, they imposed on their new muscle in ways only these obnoxious athletes could. So much so the Dynasty’s treatment of Grogan has come into question.  

As chronicled on Lifestyles of the Rich & Dynastic, the Dynasty have used Grogan as an indentured servant of sorts.  From brow beatings to being spoken down to as if he was a child, Grogan has been publicly humiliated on more than one occasion.

Often subjected to menial tasks such as shoveling the snow of a 125-yard driveway owned by MJF’s parents or buffing Hammerstone’s new Bugatti to varnishing Richard Holliday’s classic wooden sailboat in 100º heat in Boca Raton, Grogan has seen next to no ring time but plenty of hard labor as the Dynasty’s apparent butler and gopher.

Often the butt of jokes of Gino Medina to impress women, Grogan has been treated “horribly” as one friend described. “They won’t let him wrestle. They humiliate all the time. They just want him to be their butler.”

Who is Grogan? There is speculation this giant man once rampaged throughout the southeastern wrestling circuit only for family financial hardships putting him in a position to take on work away from the ring… including his current position with the Dynasty.

With the Dynasty readying their self-proclaimed “masterpiece” edition of MLW FUSION this weekend, their treatment of Grogan is reportedly at an all-time low. 

Is a breaking point on the horizon for the giant? Or will Grogan’s loyalty to Holliday, Hammerstone, MJF and Gino Medina remain strong? 

“Hopefully someone talks some sense into Grogan. That guy is being held back by these clowns,” said an anonymous source. 

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