FUSION RECAP: Killer Kross Takes On “Filthy” Tom Lawlor In An Ultimate Fight


There is no fear, only malice in Jacob Fatu and he put down on full display as he literally body-bagged the Stronghearts’ CIMA in his successful World Title defense. It was a frightening closing to last week’s episode and a recap of such started off this week’s Fusion. Now everybody’s asking what did CONTRA do with the Japanese wrestling legend?

Tonight’s main event will be a dream match however as MLW has recent WWE signee Killer Kross squaring up against Texas’ freshest foe in “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. Before that, the fans in Philly are bestowed with a Middleweight Championship match.

Match 1
MLW World Middleweight Championship
Laredo Kid vs. Myron Reed (c)

Earlier today, Konnan was singing the praises of his latest prodigy Laredo Kid, but was interrupted by Injustice who continues to toss shade at the legend. Konnan wasn’t having it, and challenged Myron to go defend his title with “Dumb & Dumber” in his corner.

Myron decided not to take his advice and took Oliver and Brazil to the ring with him. That didn’t phase Laredeo. LK took it to Reed both on the inside and outside of the squared circle.

That unjustifiable distraction did come into play as Kotto thinned the focus of the official to flatten LK with a kick to the face. Reed continues his control with a springboard leg drop, but good only for two. He tries to get the fall again with a forearm, but no dice.

LK finds his groove as he elbows Myron down, hits him with a Michinoku Driver before dolling out two top rope moonsaults. A tremendous sequence of offensive attacks.

Myron fires back hot with his own sequence capped off with a modified ace crusher and tried to keep that momentum rolling, but LK caught him, sent him into the corner and then planted the champ hard with Super Dragonplex! Reed somehow mustered enough energy to kick out but what went down was an extremely close call!

Laredo sizes up a woozy Reed and the two trade punches, but Kid eventually feeds the canvas to Reed. LK positions Reed up in an Indian Deathlock-like hold, but in comes Kotto to disrupt. Laredo launches Brazil out of the equation all while still maintaining the hold. Oliver tries to follow suit but LK catches him with a superkick sending him to the outside. He fully factors the two out of the equation with two tope suicidas!

Even with such transgressions, this opens up Myron Reed to flex his championship talent. Hot Fire vaults himself out of the ring to connect LK with an ace crusher that defied several laws of physics.

He then rolled Laredo back in the ring before keeping him down for three with his No Cap Splash finish.

WINNER and STILL MLW World Middleweight Champion: Myron Reed

What a win for Myron, but it can’t go without saying how tainted that win is due to the constant outside interference. AJ Kirsch says it best that LK should demand an immediate rematch.

The latest Lifestyles Of The Rich And Dynastic has Hammerstone, Gino Medina and Richard Holliday discussing business over a couple pike blends. Holliday says his Lawyer/Father is currently filing an injunction to keep that Tennessee cretin Mance Warner as far away from The Dynasty as possible. Hammer says that if his Lawyer/Father can’t do what needs to be done, then the boys are gonna have to take Mance in their own hands. Richard changes his “Rich Talk” to Gino, saying that they have to re-brand their newest brother. “You are now Gino ‘The Untouchable”.” Medina is taking on Warner tonight and his goal is to break everyone of the Bucksnort Brawler’s dirty fingers

Match 2
Gino Medina vs. Mance Warner (w/ Richard Holliday)

Gino begins attacking Mance, but Mance fires back with some knife edge chops. Hard kick to the head by Medina gets a two count and the competitors find themselves on the outside. Mancer takes the pain to Medina. Mance breaks the count but once the fight finds itself back on the canvas, Gino begins to take control.

Mance finds his footing once more with a solid headbutt and an impaler DDT.

Gino begins to show his speed and ring awareness by hitting Mance with a running knee, but he utilizes the headbutt once more to catch Gino as he came leaping off the top rope.

Warner nails with a running knee, but Medina kicks out. Medina attempts to roll Mance up with a handful of tights, but Warner turns the tables and grabs the trunks of Medina for the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Mance Warner

Post-match, Medina is irate and slugs the official. Nonetheless, Philly’s seeomg Mancer’s get to that pay window!

Colonel Robert Parker is coming soon to MLW and his historical managerial resume speaks for itself. Word is that Parker will be looking to manage talent that we may not have seen currently in MLW.

Earlier in the week, The Von Erichs checked in from Hawaii and they are with their father Kevin Von Erich. KVE says Team Filthy is desperate and Marshall recalls that his dad told them both things were gonna change after they won the MW Tag Team Championships. He’s seeing it come to fruition and tells Lawlor straighp out that pride comes before the fall. Ross adds this is the war between decency and filth. All three will be watching Tom Lawlor’s main event match with Killer Kross tonight.

Alica Atout is standing with PWI representative Kevin to announce that Brian Pillman Jr. is the 2019 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie Of The Year. From Steve Austin to Kurt Angle to Randy Orton, Brian thanks all the ROTYs that have came before him and says that it’s a true honor to do something his father never achieved in his career with such a prestigious award. He’s hungry for that MLW Middleweight Title.

Injustice takes great exception to Pillman’s achievement, stating that 2019 was Jordan Oliver’s year and the year before that should have went to Brazil himself. Kotto says he only got ROTY because of his daddy’s name. Myron chimes in and tells Pillman to drop some weight to come at him in the middleweight division. He’ll wrestle circles around him. He also doubles down with Laredo Kid and says to bring it again. Oliver warns that LK will lose his mask.

Alicia Atout catches up backstage with Team Filthy – Erick Stevens is not pleased whatsoever with his pinfall loss last week to Davey Boy Smith Jr. Despite that, Tom Lawlor is all ready to go for Killer Kross tonight and takes great exception at calling himself a pit fighter. He says Team Filthy is ready to show Kross who is the ultimate fighter.

Somewhere else backstage, Gino Medina still can’t handle the loss to Warner. Holliday says his Lawyer/Father is on the case and he’s going to be fine.

Next we see CONTRA’s Sentai Death Squad carrying the body of CIMA to the back of their squad car as Josef Samael tells them to take CIMA to Ikuro Kwon. This can’t be good news for The Stronghearts.

Main Event
Tom Lawlor vs. Killer Kross

Lawlor comes out with his “Team Filthy” crew along with an obnoxious banner promoting himself, but the Philadelphia crowd goes absolutely wild for the debuting Killer Kross. Kross has indeed brought his hybrid style to Fusion and the 2300 Arena is ready to witness such.

The bell ring and the two slowly circle one another before having a stare down. Tom shoves Kross who goes on the attack Lawlor avoids his initial efforts, but a kick takes Tom down as Kross feeds him knees in the corner. Kross tosses Tom out and wards off any advances by Team Filthy at ringside. Kross belly-to-back suplexes Lawlor on the apron and rolls Tom back in.

Kross wrenches the arm, but Lawlor rakes the eyes of Kross. He gloats a bit before delivering some hard punches to his opponent.

Kross tries to create some separation however Tom has found his window and begins working the arm of Killer. Kross almost breaks an arm wrench with a bodyslam, but Lawlor rolls through and maintains the hold. He does manage to lift Killer for a suplex and then locks in a guillotine choke for quite awhile. Killer is close to be considered KO’ed, but he finds that second wind to launch Lawlor with two suplexes in succession.

Kross calls for Doomsday, but Lawlor barnacles himself onto Kross before hitting a flurry of strikes. Kross fires right back, but Lawlor lifts him over for a release suplex. Kross immediately gets back to his feet. A flying knee by Lawlor nearly gets the fall.

He signifies for the end and continues a second flurry of punches and knees. Kross will not go down and keeps a grin on his face. Very hard strikes by the pit fighter and Lawlor results to a thumb to the eye. Kross locks in his straight jacket submission but Lawlor rolls both of them to the outside to break the hold. This opens up the chance for Team Filthy to go on the attack. The DQ is called and Kross gets the victory.

WINNER via DQ: Killer Kross

The ne’er do-wells of Team Filthy continue the assault but out comes Davey Boy and The Von Erichs for the save. Tom’s troupe takes to the ramp, but not before Davey Boy issues a heck of a challenge: a four-man tag next week on Fusion! Team Filthy vs. himself, The Von Erichs and Kross. Quite the clash for next week as matters don’t stop rocking in Philadelphia!

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