VIDEO: Fusion | Von Erichs, DBS, Killer Kross vs. Team Filthy | Lindaman vs. Zenshi | Holliday vs. ?

•Eight Man Main Event: The Von Erichs, Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Killer Kross vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Erick Stevens, Dominic Garrini, Kit Osbourne
•Zenshi vs. El Lindaman
•Mance Warner’s Mystery Man vs. Richard Holiday

Eight men collide in the main event as Ross & Marshall Von Erich team with Davey Boy Smith Jr. and the outsider known as Killer Kross as they go to war against Team Filthy’s Tom Lawlor, Dominic Garrini, Kit Osbourne and Erick Stevens.

After being betrayed and disrespected, Ross and Marshall Von Erich ride into Philadelphia fixing for a fight with Team Filthy. Following Davey Boy Smith’s challenge, the 3rd generation grappler will unite with two other 3rd generation wrestlers: Ross and Marshall Von Erich as they look to stomp out Team Filthy. The wild card? WWE’s newest signing Killer Kross. Can the trio trust Kross? They’ll need to in order to vanquish Team Filthy.

Mance Warner looks to knock the smug smile off of Richard Holliday’s face as he deals the Dynastic elitist a mystery opponent! Who or WHAT has Ol Mancer found for the Caribbean Heavyweight Champion? Tune in to find out!

In middleweight action, Japan’s El Lindaman returns to MLW to battle one of Chile’s best in Zenshi! Who will reign supreme in this battle between Lucha Libre and Japanese strongstyle?

All of this PLUS we LA Park invites you into his La Cocina as the lucha libre legend drops some delicious knowledge in the kitchen!

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and Alicia Atout from Philadelphia for a night of top ranked action.

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