Logan Creed heading to the big screen


Fresh off of ditching the Dynasty, a change of scenery has led to Logan Creed coming to the silver screen.

MLW.com has learned that Logan Creed will star in the movie Gutcruncher, part of the Dead by Midnight series. The 6’11” monster from the wastelands will play the featured role of Gutcruncher.

The film is slated to be released later this year.

While Creed is excited about his future in cinema, Creed remains focussed on dolling out some receipts to the Dynasty for disrespecting him.

Cautioning all four members of the Dynasty that he will show no remorse when he gets them in the ring, the Dynasty seems, perhaps, foolishly unfazed and in fact defiant.

MLW.com received a statement from Richard Holliday’s lawyer/father who is demanding the Dynasty receive 15% of Creed’s fees and royalties claiming the Dynasty discovered the star of the film.

The colossal grappler told MLW.com that there is “a zero % chance of that happening,” and promised suffering and pain for the elitists for their mistreatment of him during his tenure as their muscle.

While you won’t be able to see Creed rampaging in theaters until later this year, it appears Logan Creed will remain very active unleashing hell on the Dynasty in Major League Wrestling.

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