VIDEO: Fusion | Low Ki vs. King Mo | Hammerstone vs. T-Hawk | Pillman vs. Oliver
•The King of Knockouts: King Mo cornered by Dan Lambert vs. Low Ki cornered by Ross Von Erich 
•Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Jordan Oliver
•MLW National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone vs. T-Hawk

Who is the true king of knockouts in MLW?

This week on MLW Fusion the world will find out as Low Ki fights King Mo in the main event.

A week after breaking a baseball bat across the back of Killer Kross and severely injuring the pit fighter, King Mo now looks to up the ante by defeating one of the most dominant forces in MLW history in Low Ki.

Over the last 12 months Low Ki KO’d 60% of his opponents. King Mo has KO’d 62% of his opponents throughout his championship career in MMA. What happens when King Mo collides with Low Ki? Find out on this week’s Fusion!

Will this mysterious new alliance between Team Filthy and American Top Team factor into this match?

Low Ki isn’t taking any risks and will have Ross Von Erich in his corner to keep Dan Lambert in check and hopefully Team Filthy at bay.

One week before Dynasty’s MJF faces down his destiny and future in MLW against Mance Warner in a loser leaves MLW empty arena encounter, fellow Dynasty “bro” Alexander Hammerstone looks to make history with eight successful defenses of his MLW National Openweight title. But the proprietor of Muscle Mountain must face off against a formidable foe in T-Hawk of the Stronghearts!

Alicia Atout will have an exclusive interview with Brian Pillman Jr. before his much anticipated first bout against a member of Injustice.

Pillman looks for his first step of vengeance as he faces the outspoken and obnoxious Jordan Oliver. Will Oliver be the gatekeeper for the caustic trio, or will Pillman Jr. take his first step towards Myron Reed and the World Middleweight Championship?

Join Rich Bocchini, AJ Kirsch and Alicia Atout from Philadelphia for a night of top ranked action.

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