FUSION RECAP: Mance Warner vs. MJF; Stakes Are High As Loser Leaves MLW


Fusion is fast to fire off with action as we immediately see Douglas James make his way to the sacred canvas at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. His opponent? Septimo Dragon.

Match 1
Douglas James vs. Septimo Dragon

Septimo is swift on his feet but James is more frustrated than impressed and shows that aggression with a low suicide dive onto the outside.

Septimo soon returns the favor with a standing moonsault onto the outside and then a suicide dive as a secondary receipt.

Hard slaps in the corner by Septimo before eluding the attacks of James, flourishing with a modified hurricanrana, but James catches him in the corner with a codebreaker for a two count.

Crisp kicks by James before he headscissors his way into a crossface. The Philly faithful is impressed by that maneuver and even more so with a hard lariat. Inside cradle for two.

The two begin trading punches and Septimo swears through the adrenaline at James. Great minds think alike, but those minds get boggled with stereo double kicks to the head!

Both men stand up at seven and James continues to utilize kicks. Picks Septimo up for a GTS but SD handstands and knees him hard. Two count.

One harsh modified piledriver for another two count. Septimo goes up top and misses a double stomp. High knee by James, then a super kick, then a DVD in the corner, before locking him in with a gulliotine choke for the submission win!

WINNER: Douglas James

MLW’s camera crew looks to get Richard Holliday’s thoughts on MJF potentially getting booted out of MLW by Mance Warner, but Holliday has other matters to attend to.

We’ve seen the chilling video for weeks now as Jimmy Durante croons along with the creepiness, but now we have a name at the helm of the mysterious teasers – it’s AAA’s Pagano.

Alicia Atout is with Mance before his career defining match tonight against MJF. He’s got back-up just in case, but what it boils down to is that Mance is happy that the match is gonna be going down in an empty arena because Mancer’s goona do some sh*t that he doesn’t want his mama to see.

Due to their actions last week, Injustice have been suspended for their cinder block smashing of Brian Pillman Jr.and have been fined $10,000 each. An update on Pillman’s condition will be given later on.

Next week MLW will find itself south of the border once more in Tijuana as the company joins forces with AAA Luchie Libre for the much-anticipated Super Series. Someone who is hungry for a fight happens to be MLW’s very own LA Park and his two sons. He tells Psycho Clown to pick two partners to go up against Los Parks and they best not be ass clowns.

Ever the reporter, Alicia tries to get a word with MJF but Holliday and Hammerstone don’t want her to disrupt The Dynasty’s rhythm nor breath in their rarefied air.

Atout does get a word with Savio Vega who says tonight is the night to end it all. Savio think Mance is going to beat MJF down.

We catch back up with Hammer and Holliday who have weapons in their hands and pain on their mind as they confront Mance backstage, but thankfully Mance’s back-up indeed is Savio who makes sure the two stay grounded for the time being.

Kevin Von Erich are with his two boys Marshall and Ross. KVE states that he knows this whole quarantine business has got everyone down, but he’s all for turning it into something positive. Marshall makes note that there indeed are plenty hardships and for the brothers in the wrestling ring it’s Team Filthy. Ross chimes in and says the champs are coming for Lawlor’s lawless allies.

We finally do catch glimpse of MJF as he is seen sitting on some stairs backstage. He thinks Mance has underestimated him. He’s got a story for Warner: when he was a young man in school, a group of low lives threw a bag of quarters at his head and told him to “pick them up, Jew Boy.” The ring leader of the whole matter was a kid named Joe. Even though he wanted to, Max didn’t take immediate action to Joe. He waited and when graduation came along he “walked behind him, he tapped him on the should and knocked him the F8CK OUT.” An impassioned Max yells to Mance that if he thinks he can’t get nuts, he doesn’t know a damn thing about MJF. He’s not the only person that can be a psychopath in MLW. Never seen MJF like that before.

We have an update on Killer Kross’ status after the attack he suffered two weeks ago at the hands of King Mo. According to MLW”s Dr. Swegler, Kross has a fractured scapula and displacement of the acromoclavicular joint. There is a recommended no contact for 180 days unless a waiver is signed and Kross offered to sign said waiver, but his new employee up in Stanford will not allow such to be done.

As far as Pillman is concerned, “The Rogue Prince” suffered a fractured mandible and a dislocated temporomandibullar joint (more commonly known as a broken jaw). Philadelphia police are reviewing the video of the incident and it’s unknown if Pillman will press charges.

Main Event
Empty Arena “Loser Leaves MLW” Match
Mance Warner vs. MJF

Bell rings and we get right down to it. MJJF spit his gum in Mance’s face and things begin to heat up even more than it already is. Mance slugs away at Max, but MJF chokes him with a nearby rope. Max finds himself a pair of industrial sized bolt cutters and is ready to take it to Warner. Mance stops it and tries to go for Max’s “Plainviews” but he escapes free. Max tosses Mance into a sea of empty chairs and gets a one count.

Warner fires back and MJF creates separation by heading to the bleachers. Mance gets hold of him to make him reconsider his gum-flapping, but Max gets feral and aims to toss Mance over top of the railing in the stands!

Thankfully, Mance stops such but gets vicious in his own right by sending Max tumbling down the bleachers. Even the camera man asks if the Burberry bad boy is okay. The ref calls for a doctor as Mance crawls on top to get a two count.

MJF soon grabs hold of a broom and starts choking Warner with it. Rage is in Max’s eyes as he continues to choke the life out of Mance and that rage channels over into punching down another cameraman. A production assistant is ripping a cig and MJF is sure to put it out on Mance’s forehead.

He soon makes his way over to the observing production staff and grabs a phone to (no joke) call a taxi. Mancer ain’t about that and tosses a chair into the face of Max, therein ending his escape efforts. Two count.

Mance puts a boot to the throat of MJF before wrenching his hand on a post. Action finally finds its way back to the ring and Mance begins tossing jabs that connect hard to MJF’s mush and ends it with a Bionic Elbow that had to make Dusty grin upstairs.

Max tries to kick Mance, but Warner flips him, only to receive a thumb to the eye from Max.

That only fires Mance up further however as he catches MJF hard with a headbutt that sends him stumbling. This allows Mance to make way for one hard lariat. He cover MJF and it’s all over. Maxwell Jacob Friedman is gone from MLW.

WINNER: Mance Warner

We just had a match for the MLW history books and that book happens to be shut for Max, but Mance has plenty more left in that pen, baby.

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