FUSION RECAP: AAA MLW Super Series Starts Off With Hammerstone vs. Laredo Kid For The Openweight Title


MLW Fusion finds its way from “The City Of Brotherly Love” to the south of the border pridefor the first-ever AAA MLW Super Series. The opening card is stacked as the All-American “Beef Castle” Alexander Hammerstone will be defending his National Openweight Championship for the ninth time against the Laredo Kid, but first we got a barrio street fight on our hands.

Alicia Atout is standing by with Mance Warner and she is psyched for The Southern Psycho’s removal of MJF from MLW. Mance has heard the scuttlebutt that Richard Holliday and Hammer spent a whole lot of Dynasty dough on attending a donkey show. Before Mancer got to the details, he was thankfully interrupted by Savio Vega who is all but ready to hit that “pay windah” with the Bucksnort Brawler, baby.

Match 2
Tijuana Barrio Street Fight
Pagano & Mortiz vs. Mance Warner & Savio Vega

Several tables (and even a car hood) are surrounding the outside of the ring as the bell rings and as Hammer is elated by the fact that Mance is assured to get hurt. The match starts off with a stare down between Pagano and the veteran Vega. Mance gets knocked off the apron and swings blindly before he begins brawling with Mortiz.

Mance tosses a chair at Mortiz as Savio sends Pagano sailing into the aformentioned car hood. Both he and Warner keep Mortiz grounded with the butt of a chair.

They soon isolate Pagano and Savio slams a bundle of skewers in the forehead of their face-painted foe!

Mortiz makes his presence known as he corrals both Vega and Warner onto the outside, allowing a bloody Pagano to plancha flip over the top rope onto their two adversaries. Mortiz then gets his turn as he vaults all four of them through a ringside board!

The ominous Pagano looks for violence as he wedges a chair between the ropes but Mancer stops himself from the irish whip in the corner. He pulls the chair free and flings it at Pagano before he and Mortiz share some harsh chair shots. Mortiz gets the better of the melee, but Savio sidekicks him hard before powerbombing him down on the car hood!

Pagano gets fired up and he delivers an ultra combo of strikes to the long-time veteran. Savio avoids Pagano which leads to him getting a chair disintegrated upon his dome.

Mortiz stalls Mance’s efforts and sends him into the corner while Savio chokes Pagano against the outside barricade. Matters get quite hot as Mortiz props Mance on the top turnbuckle before setting a table aflame! He climbs towards Mance, but Warner turns them tables and chokeslams him through the fiery one in the ring!

Mance may have gotten the pinfall win there, but the ref was too focused on putting the fire out that was emanating from the remainents of the table. Hammer exits commentary, stating he has to pick up some prescriptions at “the pharmacy” (that are hard to pronounce apparently) as Warner and Pagano both set up doors (yes, doors!) in two adjacent corners of the ring.

The door that Pagano set up becomes the first victim as he spears Warner through it, but only to get a two. Warner quickly returns the favor with a spear of his own through his table, but Pagano is on the same wavelength and kicks out just before three.

Savio soon re-enters the fold as the TIjuana crowd is fully into this one. Pagano and Warner trade shots center of the ring and Warner feeds Pagano a knee right between the eyes.

Hammerstone comes into the ring and smacks Mance hard with his patented bicycle kick. Mortiz throws Mance on a table before ascending up top and splashing him through a table. Pagano and Savio jaw jack between a busted chair before he punches Pagano down and sets up the chair on top of him. Vega comes leaping off the top but Pagano flips the chair on its side and crotches Savio with it before finishing him off with his rolling neckbreaker for the win.

WINNERS: Pagano and Mortiz

Post-match Mortiz and Pagano embrace in front of the raucous Tijuana crowd.

Big MLW Update: The courts rule in favor of MLW as King Mo’s suspension appeal is denied. The newest member of Team Filthy has been suspended for thirty days and Tom Lawlor is none too pleased. “It’s just a delay of the inevitable,” says Lawlor. He states “Team Filthy” is going to adapt as he officially announces himself and Dominic Garrini for the tag division. Evidently he sets aim at The Von Erichs. Next week we’ll see their first foray in tag action!

This week’s “Lifestyles of The Rich & Dynastic” is feeling the effects of one wild donkey show as we see a hungover Richard Holliday with Air Pods still in and Caribbean title sprawled on his bed. Hammer enters in tatters as he tries to piece the evening together and recall the whereabouts of Max and Gino. Holliday can’t focus and says he might have to pull out of his match tonight, but if Hammer’s pop taught him anything it’s to never do such and he knows he has to focus on his title defense tonight.

Two weeks ago, Brian Pillman was attacked by Injustice, suffering a broken jaw, and Pillman is hoping Dr. Swegler will clear him for competition ASAP.

Kotto Brazil pulls aside an MLW camera man to make clear that they are not paying the $10K each of them owe the league. The important thing to them is that nobody knows where they are. They could be whereever and one matter is certain, justice will be served.

Moments ago, Davey Boy Smith Jr. was caught heading into a meeting with MLW CEO Court Bauer and he gives a small update on Pillman Jr.’s status before confirming he’s got golden business to discuss with the MLW prez (just look at his shoes to see!)

The feed is cut by CONTRA and Josef Samael answers about the rumors of their next attack. He has intel for everyone: there is no attack planned, but they are preparing for the upcoming war. CONTRA soldiers are hidden among you and the infiltration of the infidels are underway.

Alicia Atout tries to get a word with Konnan about what matches he’s most excited for in the Super Series, but sure enough, who makes their presence known in TJ but Injustice. As expected, the trio talk a lot of smack to the legend, but Konnan lays the law down and grants them a shot at the AAA Trios Titles.

Speaking of trios matches, last week, Los Parks challenged Psycho Clown to one and the AAA stalwart was more than happy to accept.

Main Event
MLW National Openweight Championship
Laredo Kid vs. Alexander Hammerstone (c)

Pre-match, Alicia Atout asks about the major leage streak that The Dynasty has been on as of late and Hammer takes umbrage with such a question. The streak everyone should be focusing on is how he’s successfully been defending the Openweight belt on eight separate occasions. An angry Hammer tells Alicia next time she talks to him she better put some respect on his name.

AJ Kirsch is getting word backstage that Mance Warner is irate and wants his hands on Hammerstone immediately.

The official introductions are made and we are underway. The two lock up and Hammer shoves LK down hard, not once, but twice.

LK adjusts his gameplan and delivers hard kicks to the leg, allowing himself to open up for headscissors on Hammer before flying on top of the champ with a cross body on the outside.

The high-flying gets the better of LK as he gets caught by Hammer who gorilla presses him into a spinning uranagi! Hammer sends LK hard into the turnbuckle before hoisting him up for a stalling spinal countdown! Hammer may have had the three count but he lifts the shoulder of LK in an act off brash bravado.

The fight goes to the outside as Hammer sends Laredo Kid over the barricade! He takes LK back into the ring. LK finds himself back on track with a well placed missile dropkick and hed flourishes with a tope suicida that sends Hammer hanging over the barricade.

Laredo sure is in his rhythm as he uses his strength to snap suplex Hammer down hard. Two tope rope moonsaults by LK, but it’s only good for two as Hammer vaults him off. Hammer lifts LK up in an Argentine rack, but LK thwarts the first attempt. No so lucky on the second attempt and Hammer gets a near fall, one which LK barely gets a shoulder up to a count that was questionably paced. Hammer’s anger gets the best of him and he gets a shove from the official.

Hammer stays on the attack and tries to launch LK off for a potential superplex, but Kid gets him looking up at the lights and hits a picture perfect 450 splash for a very near fall. LK and the crowd can’t believe it.

Hammerstone’s chin is busted open, but he hits LK with his bicycle kick that sends LK stumbling into the ref. Hammer comes charging, but inadvertantly clotheslines the official down. Hammer maintains an attack and splashes Laredo in the corner. Hammer climbs the top rope as the ref is out cold. LK flips up to hit Hammer with a top rope Spanish Fly and gets the visible three count, but still no ref!

LK tries to get the official to come to, but Hammer makes the most of the open window and German suplexes, powerbombs and Nightmare Pendulums in classic Hammer form for the three-count pinfall.

WINNER and STILL MLW National Openweight Champion: Alexander Hammerstone

The arrogance is in the air as Hammer saunters off, but Bocchini gets word that Mance Warner is throwing security around backstage!

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