Super Series referees scrutinized by league can confirm Major League Wrestling officials had a video conference call with AAA Lucha Libre today to discuss suspicious officiating in week 2 of the first-ever Super Series [WATCH].

In what rapidly became a theme, the referee seemed to blatantly demonstrate a bias towards the hometown luchadores, often giving AAA luchadores quick counts in their favor while giving MLW athletes slow counts when the American competitors looked to secure the victory. 

“We all like to give referees the benefit of the doubt. They undoubtedly have a very tough job and without the video replays but there were a lot of flags with the officiating this past week,” said anonymous league official.

While AAA and MLW would prefer selecting the officials for the Super Series, the Box and Lucha Commission which governs Mexican’s combat sports is the only sanctioning body that is authorized to give referee assignments.

Senior officials from both organizations are reportedly on the same page with a desire for fair officiating and have promised to be proactive in week 3 of the Super Series this weekend in the event questionable calls are made during the bouts.

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