CONTRA chatter indicates attack imminent

CONTRA Unit could strike at any moment as the international cabal rhetoric escalates.

Chatter is swirling that the international cabal known as CONTRA Unit is readying for a “war” with sources indicating they could strike “at any moment”.

For several weeks CONTRA Unit has been releasing propaganda videos from undisclosed locations in Russia and Asia.

With vague threats and rhetoric surrounding amassing an army, Josef Samael has been at the epicenter of the videos praising CONTRA’s ideology while vowing violence against all enemies.

With threats of an attack imminent, could CONTRA look to disrupt tonight’s closing ceremonies of the Super Series?

Will CONTRA put two organizations in their crosshairs?

What about top contender Davey Boy Smith Jr., who has demanded a crack at CONTRA kingpin and World Champ Jacob Fatu?

Both MLW and AAA have increased security personnel in advance of tonight’s final stage of the Super Series, determined to close out the historic summit with honor and no disruptions.

Tune in to watch the MLW x AAA Super Series on Fusion tonight at 6:05pm ET on YouTube and 10pm on beIN SPORTS nationwide.

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