Update on MLW following CONTRA attack


An update on the state of Major League Wrestling following Saturday’s shocking attack.

MLW.com can confirm several operational aspects of the league have been “paralyzed” since Saturday’s CONTRA attack that hit both the Super Series in Mexico as well as MLW headquarters.

MLW broadcasting abilities are compromised with limited ability to broadcast. 

We are told league officials are working with its network partners remotely to continue providing programming like the MLW Anthology series. 

The future of MLW FUSION broadcasts remains unclear under CONTRA Unit’s occupation. With the “international dealers of violence” now having a fully operational broadcast setup, it is likely we will more rhetoric from CONTRA in the weeks and months ahead.

League officials have confirmed MLW.com was briefly hacked but is now operational. 

MLW social media remains compromised but league officials hope to have control back shortly.

Chatter of CONTRA Unit planning “something big” had increased with MLW.com breaking the news mere hours before the final stage of the MLW x AAA Super Series on Saturday night.

Now the international cabal vows to rebuild MLW in CONTRA’s image under their rule, proving their rhetoric of a war has been realized.  

The league finds itself unexpectedly in flux from the attacks, unable to operate as it had in the past.

Details are still being gathered on the severity of injuries and state of the league. 

Presently the Sentai Death Squad are on guard outside MLW headquarters where Samael and others are believed to be. 

Details on the condition of those in Mexico remains unclear but several are in “serious condition” while the New York staff and crew members are currently being treated an undisclosed Westchester medical facility.

MLW.com will update as information becomes available.

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