Injury updates

Dr. Sweglar’s office releases an injury briefing following the CONTRA attacks.

Backstage in a Tijuana arena a grim yet vigilant Doc Sweglar looks over several of MLW’s top competitors in a make-shift infirmary in the aftermath of CONTRA Unit’s attack. This scene plays out last weekend as the Super Series wraps un a tragic note ringing with terror.

Most athletes Doc Sweglar tended to would end up with a visit in the ambulance to a nearby hospital. Some fearing their immediate future could be derailed while for others it could ultimately signal the end of their journey.

As reported last week, Kotto Brazil’s career in MLW has come to a close – courtesy of CONTRA.  A long-time competitor in the league and member of Injustice suffered such severe injuries it ruled out a return to the squared circle. 

Many realized CONTRA’s “One-Day War” would be a moment not soon forgotten. Few likely realized it could truly be the “end game” for some of MLW’s competitors.

With this shocking turn of events, speculation on the health of several has been on the minds of many fans and league officials.

The office of Dr. Nelson J. Sweglar has released the following medical updates:

Davey Boy Smith Jr.: Concussion; spinal fracture.

Pagano: Multiple rib fractures, dislocated shoulder. Out indefinitely.

Kotto Brazil: 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree burns to face and torso. Unlikely to ever compete again in MLW.

Konnan: Contusions to solar plexus. Day-to-day.

Psycho Clown: Ocular damage. Return uncertain.

Hijo de LA Park: Bruised clavicle. Day-to-day.

Brian Pillman Jr.: Incommunicado; status unknown.

Douglas James: Severe burns to face. To permanantly cease wrestling in MLW.

Zenshi: Multiple dental fractures. 180-day medical suspension pending clearance from oral and maxillofacial doctor.

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