Richard Holliday launches Dynastic Coffee

New venture for Dynasty’s Richard Holliday looks to turn his coffee passion into a cash cow.

Fresh off of signing his newly minted MLW contract, Richard Holliday has decided to make a splash in the lucrative coffee industry. can confirm Holliday is taking zoom meetings with several potential investors interested in buying Dynastic Coffee franchises in the US and abroad. 

Holliday is promising “dynastic quality coffee beans from the Caribbean” as a strategic advantage over the competition in the coffee space.

Holliday is so bullish on the venture that he already has released a Dynastic Coffee Mug and T-shirt available exclusively at right now.

When asked by about the start-up’s logo looking oddly similar to a competitor, Holliday quickly ended the Zoom conference interview with threats the league will soon be hearing from his lawyer/father for slandering his luxury brand’s good name.

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