CONTRA tampering with contracts and causing more disruptions

CONTRA Unit making suspicious moves behind the scenes.


League officials are very concerned about contract tampering. No, not the usual suspects. This time the threat comes from within.

 Josef Samael’s activity at MLW Headquarters has raised concern as league officials attempt to keep tabs on CONTRA Unit from afar.

Could the megalomaniac be writing new contracts with huge dollar signs attached to them?  Samael along with CONTRA Unit took over MLW headquarters in Westchester, NY on May 9 (watch). 

League officials are working remotely and continue to manage most of the league’s operations; however, CONTRA does have access to key aspects of MLW’s business. 

One of the areas of MLW operations of great concern to MLW is its blossoming merchandise division. CONTRA has accessed where aspiring soldiers can now buy new CONTRA propaganda shirts. League officials are working to regain full control of merchandise operations.

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