Pulp FUSION | May 29, 2020


Fresh off of signing new deals with MLW, the Dynasty create their goal list. But what’s up with Gino?

Meanwhile back in Las Vegas, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor must prove he is a true leader as Dominic Garrini struggles in quarantine. 

Following the Super Series attack by CONTRA, Konnan speaks his mind on the shocking events that has brought the league to its knees. 

As Richard Holliday continues to call himself the real Caribbean Champion, Savio Vega checks in from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean legend is not happy. 

Who is Injustice’s new member? World Middleweight Champ Myron Reed and Jordan Oliver of Injustice drop a hint. 

WHO does LA Park want to fight? 

Out in Hawaii the Von Erich boys put in some work on the farm while their father Kevin Von Erich provides some world class wisdom. 

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