Puerto Rico to host Holliday-Vega showdown?


Will Holliday step up and accept Vega’s challenge for a big title fight in Puerto Rico?

Caribbean legend Savio Vega wants the self-proclaimed Caribbean Heavyweight Champion Richard Holliday to put up the belt in a final showdown. 

Holliday stole the historic Caribbean title earlier this year in a match. Now, Vega wants to settle the dispute once and for all.

The location for such a match? If it was up to Vega: Roberto Clemente Walker Stadium in Puerto Rico.

When reached for comment, Holliday was evasive, instead insisting on coverage for his new Dynastic Coffee venture.

Vega, a renowned promoter on the island, believes it is the perfect destination for the showdown.

League officials are exploring Vega’s offer.

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