Myron Reed On His New Album & Injustice’s New Era

Myron “Kid” Reed talks the heartbeat behind Bangers 4Ever

It was one heck of a week for MLW World Middleweight Champion Myron Reed. Injustice’s popularity has been surging as the group braves forth into a new era with a new member and Myron is celebrating his recent birthday with the release of his brand new album, Bangers 4Ever

Using his alter ego “Kid Reed,” Myron dropped ten tracks this past Friday for fans to get amped to as they get ready for Injustice to stake further claim in establishing their name in MLW.

“I’ve always been just as big of a fan of music as I was of wrestling, but I just felt like wrestling stood out more to me,” but there is no doubt music was a close second.

“I dropped a few singles and was just like, You know, ‘I want to do some music, it’s fun’ and I got some stuff written down and I got a guy. I have family that does it. Like that engineers and mix beats and stuff like that. I have all the resources, why not capitalize on stuff like that?”

Bangers 4Ever wasn’t any fly by night operation either. Reed had tracks in store for the album well into a year in advance and he thinks it will add to the variety and overall tone of the listening experience.

“They were all made in such different times, like three of the songs were made like ‘Barely Livin,’ ‘Flames,’ songs like that were made last year so that was the vibe I had last year and then I was making more in between now and that time.” Reed lists off several tracks that really are significant to him on B4E, but he thinks fans will really be taken by “Skybox” as a standout tune.

“It’s going to catch a lot of people off guard because they’re not going to expect what they get,” he said. Reed makes it known that the album has less of the storytelling aspect in exchange for being more anthem driven, something that he finds useful in channeling energy before a big match.

I love music, it’s what gets me going and what drives me and there’s certain parts of music in different songs that’ll drive you. It can change a whole mood, you know what I’m saying?”

Myron himself has certainly been a mood changer for opponents and even league officials as the rebellious Injustice haven’t been against speaking their minds since their time began in the company. Having such a confident attitude is what helped Reed win the Middleweight Title back in November.

“Honestly, the moment of me winning was so monumental to me and it just changed the course of my wrestling career forever. I feel like that’s one of the pivotal moments for me so far. And I still remember it like it was yesterday.” Music or no music, Reed doesn’t need any further motivation to unleash his offense in the squared circle once more. “I’m ready to get back in the ring.”

“We all are going to bring our ‘A’ game and work together in trying to be the best group there is in MLW. We don’t want to hear CONTRA’s name, we want to hear Injustice.”

“It’s our time now. We’re next. We’re next up so it’s time to show people that,” he said. “We have so much in store. We’re so ready.”

Bangers 4Ever is available now available on all major platforms and stores, including Apple Music.

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