UNDERGROUND RECAP: Funk Faces Candido & Lynn Tangles With Kojima To Determine First-Ever World Heavyweight Champion


The latest episode of MLW Underground begins by recounting once more the heinous attack the Extreme Horsemen made on both Dusty Rhodes and Terry Funk as the trio of Steve Corino, Simon Diamond and C.W. Anderson drew a definite line in the sand in MLW. Post-attack, the threesome made clear that they were ready to move past those legends and move on onto a new target.

Dr. Death Steve Williams & P.J. Friedman vs. Afterburn & Giovanni Jabroni

Dr. Death was alway an intimidating presence in the wrestling ring and he planned to continue that display of dominance with his protege P.J. Friedman at the Manhattan Center in NYC.

It was nothing short of complete annihilation as Dr. Death and PJ took their opponents to the woodshed with a heavy showcase of suplexes and sidekicks. Dr. Death nearly got the win with a Dr. Bomb but Afterburn broke up the pinfall only to fall victim to a vicious dragon suplex by Friedman.

This opened the door for Dr. Death to deliver a backdrop driver for the easy 1-2-3.

WINNERS: Dr. Death and P.J. Friedman

We cut to Joey Styles and just as promised last week he announced the full line-up for the Global Tag-Team Crown Championship Tournament. It will be Mike Sanders teaming up with Jimmy Yang against the aforementioned Dr. Death and Friedman. Then, it will be the Extreme Horsemen facing off against the unpredicatble Los Maximos. One team to be snubbed from the tournament was the Samoan Island Tribe and they vowed to make the other competitors lives a living hell. Styles says the winners will be determined at MLW Taboo on May 9 in Orlando.

Who else will be at Taboo? Styles says prepare to see Paul London make his MLW debut on May 9 as one of wrestling’s hottest crusierweights is itching to show off his shoot star press skills against none other than Jerry Lynn.

Yet another name gets announced for that May 9 as former ECW Champion Masato Tanaka will too make his MLW debut against an old rival Mike Awesome

Bill Alfonso is fired up as he acknowledges the extreme nature of La Parka and he knows that his star in Sabu is ready for round two at Taboo. Out of nowhere comes La Parka to attack Alfonso who is literally left laying under a pile of trash. Always outspoken, Alfonso says La Parka would never do that if Sabu was around, but believes his arm is broken.

Sure enough, Styles says that Bill was rushed to the nearest hospital outside the Manhattan Center. The word is that the battle between Parka and Sabu has turned into a Mexican Massacre match. The details are unknown as to how the match plays out, but Styles is certain it will be a bloodbath.

Next week’s main event of MLW Underground will be the first round match-up out of the Global Tag-Team Crown Championship Tournament as the Extreme Horsemen will face Los Maximos.

Terry Funk vs. Chris Candido

The two lock up as Terry shoves Candido in the corner before giving him an arm-drag. Styles notes that Funk hasn’t been in NYC for two and a half years. Candido then backs Funk into the corner. Funk fights back not allowing Candido to Irish whip him. Another tie up. The two break. Certainly a game of wits between the two veterans and it’s Funk who looks to mentally be on top of things.

Tammy Sytch is ringside talking trash and Terry isn’t shy to shove a boot her way to back her off. Hard elbow to the back by Funk before the two find themselves wrestling on the mat. Hard jabs by Funk ward Candido off. Another tie-up and Sytch grabs hold of Funk’s ankle, allowing Candido to chop away at Terry. Funk gets toppled out of the ring and Candido begins to use the elements outside to his benefit. A ringside table is the recipient of Funk’s body and it’s not long before Candido bloodies Terry up. The assault continues in the Manhattan Center as Candido is relentless in his blood-thirst, even going as far as biting the bloody forehead of the wrestling legend. Funk is in a bad way but still continues to fight back. Funk is bloodied and battered and Sytch comes up from behind to strangle Terry with a towel. Terry is dangling from the apron as Candido sees fit to suplex him, but Funk reverses it, sending him to the outside!

The two venture into the crowd and Terry piledrives Chris onto the floor!

It’s complete chaos as Terry sends Candido back into the ring. Funk hits a DDT and Chris retreats once more to the outside. Hard chops and fists by Funk before he brainbusters Chris on the rampway!

A break in the action shows Candido adding a ladder into the fold as the two brawl in the ring. Chris sets Funk up on the top turnbuckle, but Terry headbutts his way free as Candido topples back flush onto the ladder laying on the canvas. Funk rolls with the momentum and continues his assault rung by rung. Terry goes for his infamous toe hold, but Candido kicks free and drops him hard with a vertical suplex. Chris signals for the end. He climbs the top rope and hits the diving headbutt flush, but the ever resilient Funk kicks out.

Candido is frustrated and sets up the ladder. He climbs the ladder, goes for the headbutt but misses. Hard jabs by Funk followed by a haymaker sends Candido tumbling.

Sytch gets involved and low blows Terry, but Funk turns the tables and makes her pay. As this is going on, in comes Candido with a steel chair to the back!

Candido hits a hangman’s neckbreaker and sets up two chairs with another bridging the two together. He slaps Terry several times who fires back before he turns the tables and hits Candido with a neckbreaker over the chairs.

Spinning toe hold attempt, but Chris hammers free with hard shots that sends Terry on his seat. Candido comes back with more hard shots. Terry once more goes for the toe hold, Candido tries rolling him up, but Funk reverses and gets the pinfall!

WINNER: Terry Funk

Post-match, an irate Candido piledrives Terry down before he and Tammy make their exit.

We cut to Styles who hypes two new young talents making their way into MLW: Fuego Guerrero and one youngster with an attitude, CM Punk who will make his Major League Wrestling debut on May 9 at Taboo.

Speaking of Taboo, Steve Corino is chomping at the bit to get to Terry Funk, but knows that Terry needs to beat him more than he needs to defeat the legend, because Corino’s already proven himself. Corino notes that he’s got Dory’s training under his belt and plans to utilize such against Terry to finally end his 38-year career.

Update on Bill Alfonso: he has not suffered a broken arm. An irate Sabu happened to get arrested by the police, but before he did made clear that he accepts La Parka’s challenge of a Mexican Massacre match.

MLW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Jerry Lynn vs. Satoshi Kojima

MLW history is going to be made as both Lynn and Kojima are set to battle to determine the first-ever MLW World Champion. Kojima, under the tutledge of Stan Hansen, learned the ways of the lariat, but also has two other finishers under his belt.

The two jock for position to start the match off as they reverse wrist locks and hammerlocks. Plenty of quick ground game and technical wrestling. Jerry tries to go for a cross armbreaker, but Kojima locks his fingers to thwart his efforts. The two reset.

The swiftness and speed continues that have to the eventually lead to a stand-off. They trade punches before Jerry goes on a flurry of clotheslines, but Kojima refuses to go down. Lynn catches him with an inverted DDT and gets a two count.

Kojima returns with some forearm attacks of his own before delivering a harsh elbow from the top rope. Two count.

Kojima takes off his elbow pad, but Lynn manages to plant Kojima down with an authoritative German suplex. He goes to the pinfall but the resilient Kojima kicks free.

Soon after, Lynn launches himself off the turnbuckle with a Tornado DDT but gets a two count.

Lynn goes for a suplex, but Kojima blocks. Kojima reverses but Lynn rolls free. However, Kojima catches Jerry with a sky high spinebuster for a near fall.

Kojima is fired up, but Lynn hits hims with a flapjack neckbreaker and gets such a close fall.

Frustration begins to kick in. Lynn looks for the cradle piledriver, but Kojima spikes him down with a falcon arrow. Kick out by Jerry. He signals for the end and hits the lariat for the win and the Championship!

WINNER and NEW MLW World Heavyweight Championship: Satoshi Kojima

We cut to Raven who has matters to discuss with Vampiro. Since their Deadpool alliance has disbanded, he hasn’t heard a word from him. However, he has heard that Vampiro talk about him in very unflattering terms. Raven believes it’s one of two things. He’s either trying to get his attention because he has a problem with him or it’s because he needs his help. Whichever one it is, Raven is more than happy to find out.

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