UNDERGROUND RECAP: Sabu Squares Off Against Taiyo Kea In NYC, Funk Fires Off At Corino


“I’m still waiting Vampiro. I’m still waiting,” Raven says to recap his quotes from last week. Like he warned before, don’t antagonize him or he’s in for his own personal hell courtesy of the man himself.

Super Crazy vs. Fuego Guerrero

The established veteran in Super Crazy is ready for Fuego Guerrero to prove his in-ring meddle as the bell rings to begin the evening from the infamous Manhattan Center in New York City. This is the debut of Fuego as the two go for a lock-up and it’s Crazy who initally gets the better, but Fuego flips the vet right out of the ring.

Once more, the two go at it in the middle of the ring, but Fuego flips him out (quite literally) once more.

Soon after that, Fuego delivers an unbelievable head scissors to send Super Crazy outside the ring for a third time!

Joey does note that most people know Fuego as The Amazing Red in the northeast and the youngster doesn’t let the identity difference get the better of him as he smacks Super Crazy with a tornado DDT counter that leaves the Manhattan Center dizzy. Only a two count.

Fuego gives SC a spinal tap kick and gets another two count. Enziguri by Fuego. SC finally gets the better of Fuego with two corner clotheslines before hitting his patented brainbuster. That looks to be it, but Fuego finds the fortitude to get a shoulder up!

A buzzsaw superkick knocks Crazy to the outside and it leaves Fuego the opportunity to execute a corkscrew suicide plancha to the outside!

An soon to be backflip splash gets a two count. An avoided top rope senton opens the door for SC to hit a sit-out powerbomb and secure the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Super Crazy

Joey Styles warns us all that Masato Tanaka is making his way to MLW and he has his sights set on his old rival Mike Awesome. Awesome, however, finds himself intertwined with another extreme legend in Jerry Lynn as the two will be competing next week for the number one contendership for the World Championship. Tanaka assuredly has MLW gold on his mind as well and Styles envisions Tanaka wants to thwart Awesome’s agenda.

Steve Corino is riding back to his home in his BMW with the MLW camera crew. He makes note to Terry Funk of the extravagant living quarters that all Extreme Horsemen share. Unlike Funk, they don’t have to milk cows or tend to chickens like the common folk. He tells Terry that he’ll see him soon.

Joey Styles tells us that Fuego Guerrero will be getting a rematch against Super Crazy next week, but there happens to be an added ripple in the waters as an unknown third contender will challenge the two as well.

We see the team of Steve “Dr. Death” Williams and PJ Friedman preparing themselves for the finals of the Global Crown Tag Team Championship tournament. Dr. Death has PJ in an arm lock and he tells the world that everyone is looking at the greatest tag team in the world, right before he delivers his side suplex finisher to his protege.

Speaking of tag teams, Los Maximos were left laying last week after the two brothers lost to the Extreme Horsemen. Who will strike next?

La Parka vs. Shocker

The Chairman recieves a bevvy of applause before he suckers in Shocker with a slap.The two soon exchange arm drags and leg sweeps that leads to a stand off. Both trade shoves before Shocker kicks Parka outside. Shocker takes the moment to showboat instead of stay on the offensive. La Parka slows down the match on the outside, outsmarting Shocker to catch him with a knee in the corner.

After the break, La Parka hits a top rope somersault swanton for a two count. La Parka grabs the chair, misses the swing and gets the steel dropkicked in his face. Parka tumbles to the outside. Shocker goes for a tope, but Parka pops him with the chair in mid-air!

The ref begins a ten count, but Shocker manages to get back in a nine, only to receive a Russian leg sweep. Kick out by Shocker. Parka goes for a top rope double stomp, but Shocker catches him in the jaw. A driver followed by three sentons gives Shocker a near victory, but La Parka kicks out.

Shocker climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off, only to be caught by La Parka once more in mid-air with a drop kick. Parka successfully goes back tot he well with missile dropkick later on for a near fall of his own. Parka gambles one too many times and Shocker catches him hard with a top rope superplex. Cover by Shocker, but only good for two!

The Manhattan Center crowd claps the two on as Shocker slams Parka down with a bulldog and yet another near fall occurs.

La Parka continues on to find ways to escape but a shoulder block in the corner by Shocker nearly cuts him in half before Shocker hits him with a bronco buster. He tries one more time, but La Parka gets a boot up! He hits Shocker with a corkscrew top rope moonsault for the pinfall victory!

WINNER: La Parka

The Chairman looks all but ready for Sabu in a Mexican Massacre match on Friday, May 9 at Taboo.

CW Anderson and Simon Diamond admit that PJ Friedman is a blue-chipper, but there’s one problem: inexperience. PJ may have been taught by the Gracies, but Simon asks him what other name more identifiable than an Anderson. Nothing compares to being trained by an Anderson, so PJ may be a blue-chipper, but they’re originals.

We see the legendary Terry Funk. He laughs at the idea that it is “legend vs. god” in him taking on Corino at Taboo. He certainly doesn’t consider Steve a god, and doesn’t even consider himself as much of a legend but more of an ornery old bastard with pretty tough old skin. Corino’s not going to shove him to the side. He’s going to give him a lesson in wrestling. Terry can get hardcore, but doesn’t think a chair has any part in their business, but he’s willing to go there if necessary. Yee-haw, cowboy.

Taiyo Kea vs. Sabu (with Bill Alfonso)

This is a much different Taiyo Kea than what we’ve seen from him before. A much darker version of him emerges from the curtain as Styles notes he recently turned on his mentor, The Great Muta in Japan.

Bell rings and Sabu dives for Kea immediately. The two lock-up but they quickly reset as Kea kicks at Bill. Sabu cinches in a leg lock while Alfonso instructs him further.

A quick break leads us to seeing Sabu on the outside. Kea goes to dive onto the outside but Sabu avoids and throws Kea over the steel guardrail. Sabu, per his signature, sets up a chair and he launches himself with Air Sabu at Taiyo Kea!

Sabu soon sets up a table with the assistance from Bill, but Sabu and Kea trade chops. Sabu shakes Kea from the turnbuckle, crotches him on the ropes, and DDTS him from the top rope into the ring. Two count.

Sabu tosses a chair face first into Kea before launching himself into his foe. Sabu goes for the triple jump moonsault, but Kea catches him with a drop toe hold onto a chair for a two count. Kea tosses the chair at Sabu before smashing him in the face with a superkick.

Sabu escapes the three count before Kea snaps him back down with a snap suplex. Only a two count. Sabu crotches Kea once more on the top turnbuckle before hitting him with a tope rope frankensteiner! Sabu stays on the attack with a unique springboard dropkick for a close call!

Sabu baseball slides kea into the guardrail before bridging the table between the ring and the barricade. Alfonso holds Kea steady as Sabu atomic leg drops himself onto Kea!

Back in the ring, a hard stomp by Sabu gets a two count. He goes for the triple jump moonsault but Kea gets his knees up.

Kea soon catches him with a mid-ring hurricanrana. Sabu tries to grab the chair but Kea stomps free and back kicks the veteran to the head.

He covers him for a near fall. Kea goes for the Hawaii 5-0, Sabu escapes as Alfonso blows his whistle on the apron. Kea goes after Alfonso and Sabu takes the opportunity to toss the chair into his face. Sabu corners him and tosses Alfonso the chair in that very corner. Bill props the chair in front of Kea who gets a dropkick to the face. Very close fall before Sabu takes a page out of The Shiek’s book with a camel clutch.

Kea soon slams Sabu down and delivers two H-5-O’s for the pinfall win!

WINNER: Taiyo Kea

What a win as Kea has to have Kojima’s World Title on his mind with that big victory!

We see Raven once more, who states that Vampiro wants to be a martyr and Raven is willing to do so, but if anybody’s going to be martyr for society’s dysfunction and pain, it’s gonna be Raven.

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