AAA & Salina talks resume

Is a mega-merger on the horizon for AAA and Promociones Dorado?

After Konnan’s “olive branch” to Salina de la Renta for AAA to acquire Promociones Dorado to help her alleged cash flow issue, Salina de la Renta was speaking with AAA President Dorian Roldan on this past week’s Pulp FUSION (watch).

While Salina indicated she was turning down AAA’s offer, sources in Mexico claim talks continue.

IF Salina were to do a deal with AAA, would that mean Konnan and Salina would find themselves in an unorthodox partnership?

Would the immense bad blood that’s been brewing for over 2 years be too disruptive for this mega-merger to work?

While Salina de la Renta continues to play hardball with AAA, one thing is certain: Salina is once again at the epicenter of the sport.

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