Who is CONTRA’s Inside Man?


Who can you trust?


Since March 2, 2019 CONTRA Unit has sent Major League Wrestling into chaos.  

Crashing a post championship celebration. Nearly blinding Marshall Von Erich.  Some would say even poisoning the mind of Tom Lawlor and turning him into a bitter, obsessed man. 

CONTRA’s disrupt and destroy campaign in Major League Wrestling would reach new levels of devastation on May 9th, 2020 when the international cabal attacked MLW and AAA in the closing moments of the Super Series.  In the aftermath, CONTRA would not only critical injure MLW wrestlers, with some likely never to step foot in an MLW ring again but seize control of several key aspects of MLW’s operations.

During this 17th month war, one question remains unanswered: who helped them from the inside? 

After an extensive investigation, the league believes someone aided CONTRA Unit in bypassing key security points at the arenas.  Someone helped give them credentials to be near the production trucks to hijack the broadcast feed.  

Who knows the inner workings of the league and knows the “soft targets” within it?

Who facilitated this? 

Who operated in the shadows and had a motive to try and decimate MLW to this extent? 

League officials are certain the league was compromised by an inside man. Frustratingly, the league has yet to find the culprit and thus, this remains an unsolved mystery… for now.

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