CONTRA statement on MLW restart

The international cabal known as CONTRA Unit sends a message

Josef Samael

As advances in testing and treatment spur on chatter of Major League Wrestling’s restart, the media and fans alike wondered how league officials would address another challenge in the form of CONTRA.

It didn’t take long for CONTRA Unit to respond.

Earlier today, was sent a transmission confirmed to be from CONTRA Unit and attributed to Josef Samael.

A restart? How can one ‘restart’ something they have no power over? MLW died May 9th and now CONTRA feeds off its carcass and grows stronger. Our soldiers grow in numbers and now it is MLW and its American bravado that lurks in the shadows, broken and defeated. Desperate!

This MLW propaganda is rhetoric! Spin!

MLW whimpers like a three-legged dog awaiting mercy. CONTRA shows none. Try and rise up and our crusaders will extinguish you without remorse.

Josef Samael

When reached for comment on the above, league officials declined to go on record.

CONTRA unleashed a strike on MLW on May 9th in the closing minutes of the MLW/AAA Super Series in Mexico as well as back at MLW headquarters in New York.

To this day CONTRA continues its occupation of the league and control of key aspects of its operations.

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