Team Filthy ups reward in search for Dominic Garrini

Will this unsolved filthy mystery finally be solved?

Team Filthy issued a press release moments ago upping the reward offered for information leading to the safe return of team member and BJJ gold medalist Dominic Garrini.

Kookies and Kream has put up additional funds bringing the reward to a staggering $7,500.

In the press release, Team Filthy thanked the thousands of fans that have supported the fight team during this situation, although a search on social media found very little concern for Garrini’s whereabouts. EDITORIAL NOTE: Team Filthy disputes this claim.

Garrini was last seen on footage discovered at the banks of the Amazon River. In the footage, Garrini appears under duress, having been hunted by villagers in the area after littering and disrespecting their land.

Fight captain Tom Lawlor accused the Von Erichs of kidnapping Garrini, however, the Von Erichs were in fact at a family gathering and media event 6,000 miles away in Hawaii at the time of Garrini’s disappearance.

Will the additional money help put an end to this unsolved filthy mystery? Only time will tell.

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