Underground Recap: La Parka vs. Sabu 2


This week on MLW Underground we take a look at the tremendously bloody feud between La Parka against Sabu. In addition, Los Maximos plan to confront their unknown attackers a few weeks back.

We see Joel & Jose who say they do have the slightest idea of who their attackers were. They hope whoever they may be have the cajones to show up when they call those cowards out. They’re heading to the ring right now.

Sure enough, the brothers call them out after break. Who comes out but the Samoan Island Tribe!

Samoan Island Tribe vs. Los Maximos

Samu and Mana get immediately dived on by The Maximos and they come at the bigger men like a house on fire. They isolate Samu before trying to double team Mana. Mana slams Jose onto Joel and Samu chops away at Jose before crotching him on the ring post. SIT take over as they suplex and slam Maximos hard on the canvas. Mana tags in Samu as Joel gets caught with a side slam.

He gets placed on the turnbuckle for belly-to-back suplex off the top rope. That sends him crashing onto the outside as Mana destroys him. A spin kick to him by Samu. Mana gets the tag and he “makes a wish.” Joel is in a bad way. Jose seeks a tag as Joel fights his way through Mana. Joel swanton bombs Mana and goes for the cover which Samu breaks it up. Joel goes to the well one too many and Mana catches him with a Samoan drop. SIT double team him. Joel knocks Samu off the turnbuckle, allowing Joel to moonsault.

Jose gets the tag and missile dropkicks Samu. He then knocks Mana silly. A double headbutt however downs him. Samoan Island Tribe signals for the end. Mana lifts him up for a super Samoan Drop and it’s all over.

WINNERS: The Samoan Island Tribe

Post-match, Mana and Samu continue their attack on the brothers with their respective finishers as Styles demands for the punishment to end.

La Parka has some words for Sabu, but Sabu is a man of action as he takes out his foe with a chair! This war has been escalated. He’s accompanied by The Cuban Assasin!

Joey Styles talks about The Global Tag Crown Champions and how they may have ended PJ Friedman’s career. We see Simon Diamond and CW Anderson. It’s been 12 years but now they’ve drawn a line in the sand in MLW. They plan to hold the belts for all of 2003. They want to create a rejuvenated art of tag wrestling. They’re ready to bury the twelve years of dire straits.

CW asks PJ Friedman how his leg is doing. One thing that is going to take MLW over the top and that’s The Extreme Horseman.

We cut to CM Punk. He re-introduces himself to MLW. He doesn’t have an ego problem, and he’s the one guy Joey Styles didn’t want in MLW. He’s his own man and his goal is to be champion whereever he goes. After he beats everybody and proves to the world what kind of competitior he is.

The Samoan Island Tribe relish in their win saying they kicked Los Maximos asses, but the brothers come charging in for retribution. Samu and Mana however get the upperhand and send a warning to everybody in MLW. Styles says we have not seen the last of Los Maximos versus Samoan Island Tribe.

Styles recaps Mike Awesome Awesome bombing World Champion Satochi Kojima through a table. This has to have caused Kojima to put all his attention on making a gameplan against the extreme monster.

We get some quite violent highlights of Sabu and La Parka’s first frightening encounter back at King of Kings. Styles sure wasn’t lying at the nature of this crimson filled contest.

La Parka vs. Sabu 2

The Chairman comes decked out into some grotesque warrior gear as he stands mid-ring on a chair.

Out comes Sabu with The Cuban Assassin who is also Bill Alfonso’s brother. Bell rings and the two circle one another. It takes a bit for for them to get a gauge on one another. The more powerful La Parka pushes Sabu in the corner. Sabu swiftly turns it all into a cross armbreaker.

Standing switch by Sabu trips La Parka up, but The Chairman has an armbar opportunity. A hard kick to the back and leg of the man from Bombay, Michigan. The two fight to the outside. Sabu grabs hold of a chair and vaults it into the face of La Parka.

He throws him over the guardrail before he executes the Air Sabu. So impressive! Fort Lauderdale is going nuts.

Hard shot by Sabu, but La Parka fights back and snake eyes Sabu on the guardrail.

Back from break, Sabu does his moonsault off the chair for a near falll. He lays La Parka on top of a table set mid-ring but The Chairman rolls free and tosses a steel chair at a charging Cuban Assassin. La Parka takes the opportunity to lay him on the table instead. Sabu doesn’t see the unplanned substitution and does his spinning legdrop onto his friend! La Parka makes the most of it an catches Sabu with a standing top rope senton and he gets the pinfall victory!

WINNER: La Parka

This feud is all evened up at one match apiece as La Parka struggles to his feet to relish in the win!

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