Hammerstone wants Fatu title fight


Hammerstone vows to become “CONTRA Hunter” for The Restart

Alex Hammerstone

The road to The Restart continues to accelerate and along with the excitement comes a return to normalcy.

CONTRA’s occupation has not stopped the National Openweight Champion Alex Hammerstone from demanding a title fight against another dominant champion in MLW: the reigning World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu.

“Hell, I will lead the charge and bring the fight to CONTRA at MLW’s occupied offices and beat their asses if that’s what it takes to get to Fatu and guarantee The Restart,” said Hammerstone. “After waiting for months for the league to do something, maybe it’s time I do it myself.”

MLW.com can confirm talks with Hammerstone for such a dream match are underway but there’s a wrinkle in such plans.

“There’s interest and we want to do the match, but CONTRA doesn’t want to cooperate on this or just about anything. These guys are doing everything in their power to prevent a restart,” said an anonymous official.

However, Hammerstone remains undeterred. He’s gone as far to say if takes him being a “CONTRA hunter” to get the title fight, he will hunt down the shadowy international group one by one until all that’s left is a showdown with the CONTRA kingpin Jacob Fatu.

Josef Samael, a vocal and violent member of CONTRA has been suspiciously quiet as Hammerstone’s flexing only gets louder and stronger with each passing day.

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