Dynasty member exits


Gino Medina is out as a member of the Dynasty.

As rumors and social media shade snowballed over the last few weeks it became apparent that “The Untouchable” Gino Medina’s relationship with the Dynastic bros Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday was on the rocks.

With both sides trading insults on Instagram and Twitter, many close to both sides believed it was a matter of when not if.

That moment became official when the Dynasty and Gino both issued separate press releases… unsurprisingly with different versions of what transpired.

Gino claims he ditched the Dynasty.

The Dynasty’s camp claims they dumped Gino.

Which side should we believe? Only the rarified air of the now former Dynastic trio know for sure. However, given the escalating aggression between both sides, we may see a dynastic detonation when MLW restarts later this fall.

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